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Copyright©1997-2010 When you receive you’re email is the sound something irritating like a “ding” or something more appropriate? The most famous phrase from the Meg Ryan / Tom Hanks movie was probably this phrase by Tom Hanks Click here . Why not combine your interest in Meg Ryan with the interest you have in your PC by downloading the "You've Got Mail" sound file? In a few easy steps the phrase plays every time you get new mail - certainly makes receiving email more exciting! Here's how to do it in Windows 95,98 ME and XP............... (images may vary slightly depending on the operating system. 1. Right click on this link for the Tom Hanks Phrase. Or here are 3 alternative Meg Ryan spoken phrases Meg Ryan 1 Meg Ryan 2 Meg Ryan 3 2. Click On "Save Target As" and save the file in an appropriate place on your hard drive where you will be able to locate it later. 3. When you go back to the main Windows screen open "My Computer" 4. Then Open "Control Panel" 5. Open "Sounds" (In XP this is Sounds & Audio Devices and you then need to click on the Sounds Heading)) 6. Simply use the scroll bars to scroll down to "New Mail Notification" Highlight it using the left hand mouse button. Use the browse button to locate the file on your hard drive then click on "OK" to close the window. your screen should then look similar to the one below. Use the preview play button to check the sound plays. Press OK to finish and that's it! 7. If for any reason the sound does not play when you get email check the email program you are using to check you have it set up to play sounds on receipt of messages. Usually this would be under an "options" heading or something similar like "preferences". The example below is for Outlook Express - this menu can be found by selecting "Tools" from the heading menu then selecting "Options"
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