This site is dedicated to the brilliant actress Meg Ryan and I would like to welcome you to my website. These pages are designed to be of  interest to any fans of the growing number of  excellent Meg Ryan movies. I started putting this site together in 1997 whilst recuperating from a brain haemorrhage. Since that time it has escalated into what has become not only probably the largest source of Meg Ryan information on the internet but also one of the most varied celebrity websites available. The version of the site you viewing  is the 5th complete revamp of all pages undertaken since 1999. This latest version (going away from frames which are no longer seen as user-friendly) was launched in December 2009. The site is now easier to navigate. A plethora of additional pages including morefull Meg Ryan interviews have also been added in 2009. Unlike many tribute sites I hope you will be pleased that this site is not simply a massive collection of poorly scanned Meg Ryan images. There are plenty of sites like that around so in these pages I have tried to provide something very different. With everything from Quizzes and Jigsaw Puzzles to A full biography, news feeds and her magazine cover appearances there is something in this site for every Meg Ryan fan. Access to the whole site is completely free and not password protected in any way. I hope that all you huge Meg Ryan fans out there will consider making a financial donation (however big or small) to help keep this site regularly updated with new material, to assist with hosting costs and with an aim to ensure this massive site is enhanced in line with changes in enhancements available. After looking around I am sure you will agree with my regular visitors that this Meg Ryan site is completely unique, regularly updated and completely reflects the 12 years it has been expanding with new information and features. I don't want you to go away thinking this is a good website. I want you to go away thinking it is a GREAT website and with a view to coming back! Somebody once asked me why the site was called "Meg Ryan Co UK"? The true answer would be that the "" is simply the most common UK internet suffix available for UK business and general websites just like .com is an international suffix (The Co stands for Company). However with the site now as big and popular as it is (1st page ranked on 6 of the 7 top search engines and on page 3 of the 7th) I've decided that the "Co" part rather than "Company" would be more appropriate as "Complete". I believe this title now matches the URL and the content - MEG RYAN COMPLETE (UK) If you would like to show a token of appreciation in this way please do so using this Paypal ButtonI would like to thank you in advance for any donations sent. Probably most famous for her performance in When Harry Met Sally Meg's strength is probably considered by most to be in romantic comedies. Sleepless In Seattle , Addicted To Love and You've Got Mail are good examples of these. However over the years Meg has demonstrated that she is perfectly capable of playing the serious roles also. Some of the best examples of   this are Courage under Fire , When A Man Loves A Woman, City Of Angels and more recently Proof Of Life and the controversial In The Cut. Meg seems to have a certain charm which in my view no other actress has matched , perhaps it is because she does not seem to take life too seriously.  I hope you find these pages enjoyable to use and informative. I have certainly enjoyed putting them together and I look forward to receiving any suggestions or comments from other Meg fans either by the feedback facility (on front page) or the guestbook accessible via Meg Central. The above image is licensed to me by Corbis® it may not be reproduced on any other Web Page or in any other document. To do so would be a breach of Corbis® copyright There are many images of Meg Ryan used on these pages. They have all been collected in good faith from various Meg Ryan sources on the Internet, none from any site where a copyright on an image has been notified. It is not my intention to breach anyone's copyright and therefore if there are any infringements and the holder of the copyright contacts me the images concerned will be removed without question. I am very fortunate, perhaps because all information has been used in a constructive way, that not one author has objected to the use of any picture or interview. If any author or magazine would like to be credited with text and/or a link let me know via the feedback link  - I will gladly do so.
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