Fact: Ever since this site was launched the consistently most popular term searched for has related to Meg Ryan’s hair styles. Some celebrities seem to go through their careers as sex symbols, some as fashion icons. Meg Ryan seems destined to be Hollywood’s Hair-Symbol! Anyway, you have more than likely found this page because you love Meg's hair styles and may wish to have more information about products she uses and who her hairdresser is. Hopefully you will find some of the information you need. Meg's Hairdresser is Sally Hershberger (above left) who's celebrity clients are reported to have included Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford, Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, Winona Ryder and many more. Meg apparently loves Sheer Blonde Hair Repair Strengthening and Conditioning treatment. Also Spotlight High Beam Glosser and Funky Chunky Texturiser.  The Sheer Blonde range was created by John Frieda and Sally Hersberger. Apparently the lavender in this range of products eliminates yellow tones, prevents darkening and brightens both natural and colored blonde hair. In case you were wondering Sally revealed that the long hair you have recently seen Meg sporting in movies such as Hanging Up was actually hair extensions. Sally has known Meg since the early '80s and she has been styling her hair for more than 10 years. It is fairly well known that Meg's hairstyle was devised at John Frieda. The style is a precision cut shag that has been randomly chopped into. Sally cuts Meg's hair both when it is wet and dry depending on what would be best at the time. Sally was reported as saying "If I had to choose one essential product, it'd be mousse. I use it on everyone. It's crucial because it gives a style guts and a foundation to work with. It eliminates that freshly washed fluffiness and gives hair staying power. Use one or two small handfuls and smooth it evenly through towel-dried hair. If you have a choppy haircut like Meg's Funky Chunky Texturiser is indispensible - smooth a little in your hands, then pull it through individual strands for a separated look. With all hair products remember to start with a little and add more if you need to. " Meg's hairstyles are probably the most copied of any female celebrity in the world. Not just by the public but also by other celebrities some examples being Jane Fonda, Lulu and Sharon Stone. The style on the left from French Kiss is apparently one of the most copied Meg Ryan hairdos. I know nothing about women's hair but the experts say the style will suit you if: 1. You are growing your hair. 2. You've got time on your hands - it may look like you have just got out of bed but in reality it takes some styling. 3. You have medium to thick hair. 4. You don't have a long face (otherwise you will need a fringe) The following question and answer was taken from a women's magazine: Q. "I'm dying to know how Meg Ryan gets her hair to look so perfectly imperfect (left). Can you spill her secret styling technique?" A. (By Sally Hersberger) "Meg's wild and undone look can easily be yours. Begin by razoring both short and long layers throughout your hair. To style use John Frieda Blonde Ambition Mousse, tousling hair while blow-drying for a messy look. Then rub on John Frieda Blonde Spun Gold Balm for a "piecey" effect. In In The Cut Meg sports a new totally straight shoulder length style (left). Top London hairstylist, Richard Ward, gave tips in Heat magazine as to how the look can be achieved. " For someone who's had one of the most requested haircuts ever (she is our hairstyle guru), this one is rather unadventurous - let's hope its only for a film role. The fringe is a big hair story for this autumn though." Will it suit me? "Yes if you don't want to experiment with colour and you like a natural look. Don't try it if you have fine hair - this style needs to be heavily chopped into." What do I ask for? "Ask for a below the shoulder cut with slightly chopped into, graduated sides ,and a full fringe." How do I maintain it? "This is low-maintenance so a cut every 6-8 weeks is all you need." Must have product "John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum £5.95 (approx US$9.20)" Meg and Conditioner It has been reported that Meg doesn't buy hair conditioner - she simply mashes an avocado and massages it into her scalp and through to the ends of her hair. Another Meg Ryan hair tip can be found by clicking the image on the left and the article with Meg’s hair through the years can also be expanded by clicking the picture (right). Made with Xara Web Designer
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