For the very latest Meg Ryan news and gossip please use the Latest News button above. Prior to the wonderful Google News feed the main source of news was an update on this site, when possible. For those who like to look back at such information I repeat all these updates below. Information on this page is relayed from newspapers, magazines and news channels from around the world. The accuracy of all information is therefore not guaranteed I just relay what I read. 2007 May-December 2007 Look back at previous years on this site and you will see quite an outstanding difference in the volume of Meg Ryan related news over those years. It has dwindled so much that this year there has been very little to even mention. In May there was a super cover and interview in the excellent Redbook Magazine which can be read in the interviews section. On June 12th Meg was quoted in Hollywood Star as saying about adopted daughter Daisy, "She's got the most beautiful, honest face you'll just ever see". Elle Magazine said Meg was a fan of the Book - The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Meg is known to be a very spiritual person so it is quite indeed possible that Meg is interested in the spiritually enlightening beliefs of Tolle. January -April 2007 Well we haven't entered 2007 with a whole bunch of Meg Ryan major news but there is some. The Beckham's (David and Victoria)  were allegedly interested in buying Meg Ryan's £13,000,000 ($26-ish million) former home in Bel Air. I bet she was thrilled ? Peace Arch Entertainment Group Inc. announced that it has acquired worldwide distribution rights to the movie The Deal, a romantic comedy currently in production in Capetown, South Africa, starring  William H. Macy, Meg Ryan, Elliot Gould and LL Cool J.  The film is directed by Steven Schachter and written by Schacter and writing partner Macy and based on the popular novel by Peter Lefcourt "The Deal: A Novel of Hollywood" (1991). In The Deal, a struggling film producer (Macy) teams up with a beleaguered studio executive (Ryan) to make a doomed action movie with a mercurial star (LL Cool J) who seems determined to finish their careers. In The Land Of Women, Meg’s first movie after a few years away from the scene, hits the USA on 20th April. More news of this in the filmography pages. "Homeland Security " the comedy in which Meg Ryan and Hanks (Colin not Tom this time) team up is now reported to be post-production and therefore hopefully we may get a release date soon.   Back to more vague rumours and Meg is said to be in talks for a lead role in the comedy drama The Women, other rumoured stars include Candice Bergen , Anne Hathaway and Lisa Kudrow. But we've had many similar vague rumours like this in the past which after being mentioned once never see the light of day - perhaps this is another to add to the pile. Finally, for this update,  it was reported that Meg Ryan and  Matthew Perry may be an item because - shock horror - he entered her house and then went for a meal with her where they sat at a secluded corner table. On the other hand they may just be mates - who cares? - it's her business. 2006 November - December 2006 Meg Ryan is rumoured to be joining Oprah Winfrey for a visit to Delhi, capital of India, early next year. This would be as part of a charity programme both are connected to. Both women have a deep love of India and although this is charity related I am sure both will find the visit personally rewarding. Meg Ryan is said to be lined up to play Carrie Fisher in the screen version of her autobiographical novel, The Best Awful. With Fisher's story being one of a woman who had everything, who's life fell apart, and then had to rebuild it this should be right up Meg Ryan's street (When A Man Loves A Woman comes to mind). Well we end 2006 with what has been yet another extremely quiet year from Meg Ryan. However with the rumoured visit to Delhi (perhaps in February '07) and the release of In The Land Of Women scheduled for 20th April 2007 and other projects also in the pipeline we may at least get some fresh news, interviews, reviews and articles next year. October  2006 Meg Ryan is rumoured to be joining Antonio Banderas in the movie Homeland Security, according to Production Weekly. Writer-director George Gallo is making the mystery in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief..Pre-production is scheduled begin in Shreveport, Louisiana, with shooting said to begin this month. It is said that Meg is to replace Annette Bening who has apparently pulled out of the movie. However IMDB.Com the most reliable source of up to date facts still shows Ms Bening in the lead role so I would take this news with a pinch of salt at the moment. April - September 2006 News is still a little thin on the ground but there is at least another long interview with Easy Living magazine - now in the interview section. This interview covers, amongst other things, Meg's relationship with John Cusack and the renaming of adopted baby Charlotte to Daisy (conjures up memories of Meg's line in You've Got Mail - "Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flowers?"). In The Land Of Women is due to be released later this year. March-June 2006 In what is still a very quiet spell of Meg Ryan news Meg has at least done a fabulous interview with Marie Claire magazine (May issue). The details can be found in the interview section OC star Adam Brody has said that his first view of his sex scene with Meg Ryan grossed him out. Brody, 26, landed his first leading-man role opposite Meg  in The Land of Women. In the film he plays a young writer who has an affair with an older neighbour, played by Ryan. Brody said he still finds watching the clip unbearable, as he does not like watching himself in that situation. He said: "I've done pre- and post-sex scenes, but I've never done the sex scene. It was nutty." "It really was. I've done countless make-out scenes, but I've never insinuated or pantomimed sex. " "I saw it and I covered my eyes. I don't want to see me doing that! It's not graphic, but I grossed myself out."  February 2006 Meg Ryan has now appeared in public for the first time with her newly adopted Chinese baby said to be named Charlotte. The paparazzi snapped her as she strolled with a lady who may be a friend or nanny in Santa Monica. Meg and Dennis Quaid's son, Jack, is probably having great fun playing with his newly aquired sister. In addition to the projects I mentioned last August on these pages Meg is rumoured to be involved in another comedy - The Women. As with all such reports this project may or may not go ahead but you can check out some very vague details by clicking here and visiting IMDB. Goodness what a great cast of actresses that is though if it goes ahead (and what a salary bill!!). I hope it does go ahead though with that cast as I just love Sandra Bullock's movies - like Meg Ryan she's a comedy genius. They should work well together! January 2006 Grace Jones' assault on Russell Harty has been named the most shocking TV chat show moment of all time. The diva slapped Russell live on air in 1981 when she thought that he was ignoring her. The 1991 incident in which former sports presenter David Icke announced on Wogan that he was "a son of the Godhead" came second. Hollywood star Meg Ryan's notoriously sullen appearance on Parkinson, when she suggested that the veteran TV host call time on the interview, was third in the survey of 2000 TV viewers. Meg Ryan is set to join Hollywood's adoptive mothers after reportedly signing up to play mother to a Chinese baby. The actress will take charge of a Chinese baby, according to OK! celebrity magazine. Sources claim the "When Harry Met Sally" star has spent months chasing her dream of becoming a mom for the second time and heard the news she had been approved late last year. The adoption is scheduled to take place at an American consulate in China, according to OK! sources. Meg Ryan's famous fake orgasm from 'When Harry Met Sally' has surprisingly only come second in a poll of the best movie orgasms. The sexy actress' legendary screams of 'ecstasy' while sat in a cafe was beaten to the top spot by Shirley's MacLaine's masturbation scene in 'Being There'. In the movie, Maclaine's character Eve Rand pleasures herself while on-screen husband Chauncey Gardiner, played by Peter Sellers, watches TV oblivious to what is going on. 2005 September - December 2005 And then just as quick as she vanished MEG'S BACK and looking better than ever. There's a fantastic interview in Psychologies magazine which I've reproduced in the interviews section this brings you up to date on what Meg's been up to recently and why she's been out of the public eye. There's the brilliant news that Meg's back in romantic comedy land and "In The Land Of Women" has just finished production. From a personal point of view I think Meg is such a natural in this type of role. For more news on this see the filmographies section of the site. Meg Ryan and Kiefer Sutherland as well as the internationally renowned photographers, James White and Robert Maxwell have put their celebrity and time at the service of Baume & Mercier’s new charity campaign. The totality of their respective image royalties have been directly donated to the following charity organizations: - Youth I.N.C. which has the mission of improving the life of young Americans via training programs destined at assisting and improving organization management and fundraising capacities of existing associations helping children and adolescents. - Hollywood Entertainment Museum, whose main role is to make the cinematographic world easily accessible to the general public, has created an interactive exhibit center that promotes Hollywood and today’s advanced movie technology - GLAZA, Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association seeks to stimulate child development through the animal world and to create an awareness of environmental preservation and protection. - Prostate Cancer Foundation, which is the largest international philanthropic association is dedicated to the research and development of treatments and cures for this illness - Doctors without Borders, the largest independent international organization, created in 1971 by French doctors, fulfils the mission of providing rapid and effective aid to all public health emergencies. The notion of caring for others unites the Baume & Mercier watchmaking house and the two celebrities to work together on this charity operation. For many, Meg Ryan represents natural seduction and spontaneous elegance, Kiefer Sutherland humility and strength of character. Their points in common: their interest in others, the intelligent use of their image and their celebrity put at the service of underprivileged citizens. The Baume & Mercier watchmaking house has already demonstrated its interest and attention to others on numerous occasions, via charity sales or sponsorship programs for benevolent organizations. The commitment to this charity project, combined with the professionalism of the two international photographers James White and Robert Maxwell, offers a superb result: two strong and authentic visuals highlighting two down-to- earth celebrities who favor the art of being rather than appearing. Meg Ryan was photographed by James White, in Los Angeles in an elegant and authentic setting – a colonial homestead with an outside veranda opening onto a tropical garden. The actress shares an instant of quiet and simple relaxation in a natural environment, a moment the photographer has captured to perfection.   June - August 2005 And the award for the celebrity who has managed to stay out of the public eye goes to............ Meg Ryan. No not really but boy it feels like it this year ! Meg is reportedly involved in the following projects (I have quoted from Papa (2005/I) (announced) .... Mary Hemingway The Tortilla Curtain (2005) (pre-production) .... Kyra Mossbacher In the Land of Women (2006) (post-production) A bit of interesting news about this site though in that it features on the 1st page of  6 of the 7 top search engines and even on the 7th (MSN) its on the 3rd page. Outstanding!  March/April/May 2005 Well the year continues with minimal news from Ms Ryan. Heat magazine's only big story was that Meg Ryan had been spotted out shopping in a T-Shirt but no bra (yawn is this really news?). Reveal magazine's scoop was that at the Oscar's party it appeared that Meg Ryan had her lip implants removed and had now lost the "trout pout". They also described Meg at now being back at her "beautiful best". January/February 2005 We kick off 2005 with a poll of British movie viewers on the most deserving actress who has never won an Oscar. Here are the results: Most deserving actress never to have won an Oscar: 1. Demi Moore 2. Sharon Stone 3. Meg Ryan 4. Marilyn Monroe 5. Michelle Pfeiffer 6. Drew Barrymore 7. Lauren Bacall 8. Glenn Close 9. Cate Blanchett 10. Ava Gardner Meg Ryan was amongst many more celebrities who gathered to support the Third Annual 'Night Before' Fundraiser for The Benefit of the Motion Picture & Television Fund. This event, as the name implies, is held on the night before the Oscars. 2004 November/December 2004 I actually moved home during this time so I may have missed the odd snippet of news or two in the chaos of relocation. However, I do try to keep up-to-date and it does seem that the latter part of 2004 was a very quiet spell for Meg Ryan and we therefore move on to whatever happens in 2005. September/October 2004 A very quiet couple of months but I'll give you what I have. Meg Ryan will join Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in a two-city tour to discuss the Bush Administration's environmental record. Kennedy and Ryan will appear in Orlando, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 27th and 28th respectively. The tour followed a joint visit to Tampa where Kennedy and Ryan appeared at the Tampa Theater before a group of local supporters. Known as some sort of "miracle cure for all" Meg is reported to have tried Kombucha Tea available from heath food stores. Sorry it's not very exciting news but at least it's news. Heat magazine resurrected the issue of THAT interview with Michael Parkinson with an interview with Michael himself: Heat: "Now I have to ask you about Meg Ryan" Parkinson "Oh go on then" Heat "What do you think happened with her when she came on your show? Was she just nervous? Or something else?" Parkinson "I don't know what was going on in her room before the show. She was sitting on one side of the dressing room and her entourage was on the other side, and they didn't seem to be talking to each other. I have to say it wasn't a very good atmosphere. So I thought, "This is going to be a bumpy one." Heat: "But you didn't know it was going to be that bumpy.....?" Parkinson: "No. But you know what? I kept thinking to myself "No matter how uncomfortable it is right now for me, this is fantastic television." Heat: "Did you think it was partly your fault?" Parkinson: "Some people might think that, and maybe they're partly right. But I don't think she was in the mood to talk to anyone that night, especially someone with a view on her movie (In The Cut) that didn't really tally with hers." Heat: "You didn't like the movie?" Parkinson: "No it was crap. It was pretentious crap from beginning to end. And I was in a minefield there, as a man not liking a movie written and directed by a woman, which happened to star a woman who was my guest. But for me it could have been written by three Eskimos and it would still have been crap. Distasteful crap." Heat: "What happened immediately afterwards when the cameras stopped rolling?" Parkinson: "Her agent complained about this that and the other, and I simply said, "She's got a problem." I also said: "You were wrong to allow her to come on television in that state. "She was obviously not looking forward to it in any way. She just shouldn't have done the interview." Heat: "So you won't be inviting her back for your ITV show?" Parkinson "Ha! I doubt it. But we've got much bigger guests than her lined up. MUCH bigger...."  August 2004 At last some news worth mentioning. Meg Ryan and Kevin Costner are to star in The Tortilla Curtain. This is an indie film exploring the politics of race relations in modern America. Costner will play a Los Angeles writer who runs over a Mexican illegal immigrant who is trying to make a better life for his family in the USA. The accident brings both the men and their families together. The movie is based on a T C Boyle novel. The movie's budget is said to be $20 million and shooting is due to commence in the Autumn Also Meg Ryan and TV's The OC actor Adam Brody have both signed to star in Castle Rock's In the Land of Women, Variety reports. The bittersweet comedy will mark the directorial debut of Jonathan Kasdan. "It is about a comedy screenwriter from L.A. who, in the wake of a tumultuous break up, heads to the suburbs of Michigan to take care of his ailing, eccentric grandmother," Kasdan tells the trade. Once there, he becomes involved with a house full of women across the street. Filming is scheduled to begin next spring  July 2004 Meg Ryan's ex husband, Dennis Quaid, married his fiancée Kimberly Buffington on Independence Day. The ceremony was held in Montana with young Jack Quaid acting as best man. A so called friend is reported to have said that meg was "crushed" by the marriage. The news given to the National Enquirer apparently by two close friends of Meg's - why don't these "friends" ever have any names? Also do true friends talk to the press without the knowledge of the person they are talking about. Probably more like ex-friends now rather than close friends. Reporting on celebrities alleged plastic surgery in the National Enquirer a Dr Kotler picked on Meg Ryan amongst others. He is reported to have said "She's taken a downturn since 1998. Aging is not an issue with a person like her, who's only 42. I feel the downturn may have been in altering what was a very natural, wholesome appearance." The National Enquirers overall verdict was - Disaster  June 2004 Meg Ryan's ex husband, Dennis Quaid, announces his engagement to businesswoman Kimberly Buffington. Whether it is true or not it has always been widely reported that one day Meg wished to be reunited with Dennis to give their marriage another try. The National Enquirer picked up on the engagement stating that Meg was "devastated" about the news now that any chance of a reconciliation had gone. Dennis apparently phoned Meg with the news after telling their son, Jack. The news given to the National Enquirer apparently by two close friends of Meg's - why don't these "friends" ever have any names? Also do true friends talk to the press without the knowledge of the person they are talking about. Probably more like ex-friends now rather than close friends. Meg and son Jack were pictured at a Los Angeles basketball game with Jack looking more and more the image of his famous mother. To give the family (and in particular Jack) some privacy I won't be reproducing the picture here.  May 2004 An extremely quiet month for news on Meg Ryan. In fact, the only thing worth mentioning is that Against The Ropes didn't last long at all on the UK Big Screen, many cinemas only screening it for one week. On the positive side at least that means we may not have to wait long to see this on DVD.  April 2004 Against the Ropes hits the UK cinemas and the press critics are harsh to Meg, yet again, awarding the movie around 2 to 3 out of 5 on average. Fortunately as her fans I think we judge Meg's movies a bit better and the marks awarded by those who have voted in the polls (fans and non fans) are still far higher than the critics average for her movies. Meg undertook a small interview for Empire magazine as this was mainly short quotes I have added it to the Meg Ryan Quotes section in the real Meg Ryan In Depth pages Meg was a guest at a party thrown by Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox. British TV presenter Eamonn Holmes was asked the best and the worst people he had interviewed. He said the best was Pierce Brosnan and the worst Meg Ryan "She was a complete nightmare. There were loads of restrictions put on the interview and my first question was 'The critics are saying we get to see a whole new Meg Ryan in this film.' And she just said ' What was wrong with the old Meg Ryan?' It just went downhill from there." Is this the best news in a long time or just a rumour? It is said that Meg is planning to team up once again with Tom Hanks in another romantic comedy. Apparently Meg has been scriptwriting and has come up with "Somewhere In Time", the story of two forty something's who are married to other people, but meet and fall in love. It is said that casting has not yet been completed and that the movie is not planned to go into production until 2005 because both Meg and Tom are involved in other projects at the moment. Along with Drew Barrymore, Serena Williams, Ben Affleck and a host of other celebrities Meg attended the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner. The venue was Washington's Hilton Hotel (Picture above right).  March 2004 Although early days yet it has been widely reported this month that Meg's next project will be the movie Papa. Meg is said to be cast in the role of Mary Hemingway whilst Anthony Hopkins will play Ernest Hemingway. As it's early days as regards to this movie I will not add it to the filmography pages until things are a little more concrete as regards to this movie going ahead. Whilst she received no nominations Meg did attend the Oscars and a small picture is to the left  February 2004  After several months of little Meg Ryan gossip to add to this growing feature we, at last, have a little news this month. On a light hearted note a magazine ran a feature about so called grumpy celebrities and published this comical picture of Meg! Harry's proposal to Sally in When Harry Met Sally was voted the most romantic proposal on film. In a poll of 4000 customers conducted by film rental firm Choices Video. If you recall Harry says "I love that you take an hour and a half to order a sandwich and I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep." A British newspaper named Meg as "Twit of the week" for throwing was they described as a "hissy fit" when an interviewer asked her whether she had undergone plastic surgery. OK magazine reckoned Meg's movie career is all but over. They report that Against The Ropes took just £1.5 million (US$2.7million) in the US Box Office in it's initial week of release. It is alleged the movie barely scraped into the top ten and that the return represented just 10% of the salary Meg earned for the movie. In The 2004 Annual Anatomy Awards (yes I haven't made this up) In The Cut won "Breast Picture" in recognition of Meg's nude scenes. I know it's a sad story, but a true story! Meg Ryan took time out from the serious stuff to attend John Travolta's surprise 50th Birthday Party. She is pictured (left) with Travolta's wife, actress Kelly Preston. Top surgeon Pamela Lipkin (what an apt name!) apparently believes Meg "has has lots of things done to her lips - and they weren't done very well!". (National Enquirer)  January 2004  We enter 2004 and things are still very quiet on the Meg Ryan front. However I do have a little news going back to Meg's disastrous interview with Michael Parkinson last year! Meg has insisted that Parkinson was to blame. "He was hostile from the start. I felt he confused my In The Cut character with me - that's the most generous thing I can say about him. He was calling me bruised and wary and I was like 'You know, man, I'm a guest on your show and I'm here to talk to you.' " At last some news about Against The Ropes After over a year of delays in release the USA will finally get to see this movie from 20th February.
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