For the very latest Meg Ryan news and gossip please use the Latest News button above. Prior to the wonderful Google News feed the main source of news was an update on this site, when possible. For those who like to look back at such information I repeat all these updates below. Information on this page is relayed from newspapers, magazines and news channels from around the world. The accuracy of all information is therefore not guaranteed I just relay what I read. 2003 December 2003 The only breaking news was that the USA will see the DVD/Video release of In The Cut on 10th Feb 2004. I'm sure that fans in the USA will be pleased that this is the uncut version (as seen in the UK and much of the rest of the world) and not the heavily edited version they got to see on the big screen. No UK release date yet although if UK fans can play any region DVD's on their systems there is nothing to stop them ordering the US version!  November 2003 OK magazine expanded on last months Parkinson interview mentioning that Meg Ryan's spokeswoman had said the interview was aggressive. However, OK argued back just how was Michael Parkinson to react when every question was met by a one-word answer? OK finished their small article by saying "That flushing sound is Meg Ryan's credibility disappearing around the U-Bend". Heat magazine also cover the Parky interview but also drag up the issue of Meg's apparent swollen lips. they report that her father, Harry Hyra, believes his daughter has plastic surgery even though Meg has denied it. He is alleged to have said, "It's a shame if Meg has had lip implants. Obviously she lives in Hollywood so she must feel pressured to look young, but it doesn't look good. But hey, everyone wants to stay good-looking." October 2003 October was a disastrous month in the UK as regards to Meg Ryan publicity. This kicked off with Meg attending the premiere of  In The Cut at Leicester Square on 22nd October. Meg barely acknowledged waiting fans when she arrived. On leaving she jumped straight into a waiting car and was booed by a large proportion of those fans who had waited hours to see her. Things got no better when Meg was interviewed by well respected chat show host Michael Parkinson.  Parkinson was forced to end the interview prematurely when Ryan refused to expand on any of her answers. The more Michael Parkinson tried to get Meg to open up the more irritated Meg looked. The interview (if it can be called that) ended by Parkinson asking "What would you do  if you were a journalist in my position right now?"............. Meg responded "I would wrap it up!" and he did. A couple of days later Meg was interviewd by Kate Garroway for GMTV. Kate said she was not happy in the way the interview went. Meg was again very short and blunt with her answers. However to put this into context one must wonder if Meg is not so very bored now by the same old questions time and time again. If journalists cannot come up with something more original than commenting on the nudity on In The Cut or referring back to Meg's divorce or relationship with Russell Crowe then they deserve everything they get. These questions have been asked so many times no wonder she looks bored. As regards to the movie itself, In The Cut, it received very mixed reviews. Some movie critics gave it 2 or 3 out of 5 whilst others gave it 4 or 5 out of 5. Most of the acting credit was given to Meg's co-star Mark Ruffalo whilst the tabloids paid more attention to putting pictures of Meg's bare breasts on their pages. The Daily Express reported that Meg behaved rather strangely on her flight home from the UK. Passengers apparently claiming she couldn't keep still during the flight, strolling up and down the 1st class section for most of  the trip. At one point doing sit-ups and push ups. However is this really eccentric behaviour or sensible behaviour to reduce the risk of DVT? It was also said that Meg preferred to eat the food she had bought with her on the flight rather than eat the airline's food. (I can understand this too!). September 2003 When asked by reporters whether her decision to strip off in In The Cut was an attempt to get away from her romantic comedy past Meg is said to have snapped back "This is not a conversation I am interested in. I don't cultivate an image. The media do that" October '03 was the month when all over the world a great deal was made of rumours that Meg may have had lip enhancement by way of collagen implants. Several newspapers and magazines published pictures of Meg with very full lips with one newspaper using the headline "Meg's Trout Pout". Speaking about In The Cut Meg is reported to have said "I love the sex scenes in this movie - how they start and they're just f******. It was scary - honest and raw." Russell Crowe is alleged to have turned down a £15 million (US$25 million) offer to co-star with Meg in a new movie. This report comes in the same month as reports that Russell's new wife Danielle had apparently forbidden him from working with Meg ever again. In a strange reversal from normality In The Cut is going to be shown in its entirety in the UK whilst in the USA the American film ratings board demanded cuts. This was apparently because of the movies strong sexual language, Meg's phone sex scenes and a scene where she ties her lover to a bed. In The Cut's UK release date is reported to be 31st October 2003. Speaking in Now magazine Meg says about her latest role "I've played my share of alcoholics, speed freaks and prostitutes - though no one seems to remember them - but nothing like this. Scripts like In The Cut don't come along too often. I knew I was going to have to take a chance with all the scenes of sexual intimacy." The most intimate scenes in In The Cut were not recorded until the very last day of the 45 day recording schedule. This allowed Meg and co-star Mark Ruffalo plenty of time to be relaxed with each other so the scenes could be as realistic as possible.  August 2003 In a month where Meg Ryan news is minimal the only news reported round the world, mainly emanating from the Toronto Film Festival, is the sheer shock and horror that Meg appears naked in her movie In The Cut. Why this should be big news now is anybody's guess. The nature of the movie has been known since Meg originally got the part. Funny that some sources say Meg is now too old for naked scenes whilst others say she is too old for romantic comedies. Meg just can't win! July 2003 A big deal is made of Meg pictured out shopping with son Jack and the really riveting news that she bought some lillies. It looks very much like In The Cut, Meg's sexually explicit and violent thriller, is going to be released before her boxing movie Against The Ropes. The movie will premiere at the Toronto film festival next month and is expected to be released in the UK around November. Her role in In The Cut led to one critic describing the performance as "the most astounding change of image by a leading Hollywood actress in recent times". June 2003 Meg is pictured with a mystery man outside West Hollywood's health food cafe  Urth and wait for it........... they were laughing together........ so it is reported that she had struck up a relationship with him......... seem to have heard this somewhere before like last month, the month before....the month before that, last year.... yawn! Meg eats! Yes its true she eats fries! This shocking news came to us from Heat magazine who pictured her eating two fries at the same time and described her as stuffing her face. Thank God they haven't seen me eat fries! Anyway to brighten up what has been another miserable month for sensible Meg Ryan news and gossip, to the right is a picture of  the lovely Meg Ryan at the Cannes film festival. Heck I nearly missed this bit of news on the Web but ... Meg Ryan has agreed to star in Wedlock for Adrian Noble the head of the Royal Shhakespeare Company. Wedlock is a story by Thompson Evans about two divorce lawyers who just happen to be married. As luck would have it, these two divorce lawyers find themselves growing apart and employ the services of a marriage counsellor to help them patch things up. The marriage counsellor puts them through their paces in a series of increasingly bizarre exercises to get them to rely on each other and rekindle that old flame. If this is true them Meg may just be ignoring the critics who have savaged her in the past couple of years and going back to what she does best............ romantic comedies.  May 2003 Meg is once again classed as being extremely rude this time by Jonathan Pillett (Spelt Pillot in another publication) a producer on Against The Ropes. He allegedly said "She is so rude. She was even rude to my kids and I am the executive producer of the film." He is also said to have remarked "She likes to pretend she is seeking out all these dramatic roles as a career choice to balance off the cutesy parts she played in the past, but the truth is that at 42 (actually she's 41) no one wants to see her in the girlie roles any more." In the Daily Star he is also quoted as saying, "She's very cold with everyone, and it comes across on film." As was widely publicised Meg was one of the judges at the Cannes film festival. Heat magazine described Meg's lips as a "trout pout" debating whether Meg had surgery or a miracle lipstick. Things don't get any better here with The National Enquirer stating that Meg lost her luggage whilst attending the Cannes Film Festival. "She was mad and giving us attitude, like we're a travel agency or something," an organiser said, "But what could we do? She should have kept an eye on her stuff." Another magazine states that Meg apparently has massive feet showing a picture which does show Meg with an apparent massive left foot. But the light in that part of the picture seems to be hazy and it could be light distortion. Besides this is an incredibly sad waste of a page. The National Enquirer moans about Meg's dress sense saying that she won't go anywhere without her favourite red scarf. So what is the good news on Meg this month for all us Meg Ryan fans? ................. err there isn't any ................ it seems that 2003 is definitely Anti- Meg-Ryan year.  April 2003 Meg looked a bit aggrieved at being snapped by the paparazzi, with son Jack, whilst out in Brentwood, California. To respect the right of celebrities to have some privacy in their life I will not be reproducing the picture. Well the main "gossip" of the month has to be the widespread reports that Meg collapsed on the eve of Russell Crowe's wedding to Danielle Spencer. Meg was reported (by unnamed friends as usual) to have been absolutely devastated at losing the love of her life. The Star and National Enquirer, picking up on the story, continued by saying that Meg to console herself was now dating William Keane and John Cusack at the same time. In the same month there was a report that Meg Ryan is to be entered in the Guinness Book Of Records for being the actress who has cried for the longest period of time following the breakdown of a relationship (yes I am serious!). Goodness knows who has monitored Meg's "constant crying" as I was under the impression that any entry into the Guinness Book Of Records has to be monitored independently. Perhaps they have planted bugs in her handkerchieves? Of course we already know that Against the Ropes release has been delayed due to the fact that paramount felt the war coverage meant they couldn't promote the film fairly. One magazine suggested the real reason was that the delay was to give the producers more time to rework the film. This has been totally dismissed by Paramount. Once again I will not reproduce the pictures of Meg Ryan allegedly sneaking out of John Cusack's house early one morning which were published in UK's Heat magazine. It seems that the paparazzi not only waited for them to arrive back from a trip out one afternoon, snapping them with a long zoom lens. But then went on to stay, the whole night, until Meg left the following morning.........what a sad life these paparazzi have! The UK's Daily Mirror claimed that Meg has left behind the glamorous days when she was voted one of the world's most glamorous women and state that instead she is now more often seen in trainers and long shapeless coats. Again it is the National Enquirer which states that following her run in with a stalker last year Meg now has an armed live-in bodyguard. How strange that there has been no sign of this bodyguard in both of the paparazzi reports above!  March 2003 The release of Against The Ropes has been postponed after Paramount feared their publicity campaign for the film would be lost amid the war coverage. Meg Ryan has admitted that she’s trying hard to re-define her image since she is no longer the queen of the romantic comedies. Her next film is “In the Cut,” an erotic thriller directed by Jane Campion. It’s said to have graphic sex scenes, and Ryan doesn’t use a body double.        “I don’t want to play a 20-year-old ingénue anymore, and nobody wants to see me do that,” Ryan recently told InStyle magazine. “Who knows, maybe what comes next will be horrible. Maybe it will be just really awful.” There's probably no great surprise that Meg Ryan and Nicole Kidman are both said to be unable to attend the forthcoming marriage of Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer. Shame really as the resulting pictures could have been as impressive as any of the fighting in the forthcoming Against The Ropes! A rather strange apparent Meg Ryan quote published this month, "I used to think soup was so mysterious and it's not"............. eh? February 2003 Apparently a case of mistaken identity this month when Meg Ryan went to see Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas. Allegedy Tyson said to her "I seen your mommy's babes. The lions and tigers. I saw them on television" Meg was apparently confused as Tyson's statement apparently referred to Tippi Hedren, mother of actress Melanie Griffith. She asked Tyson if he was thinking of animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot, Tyson said no. He is then said to have asked his entourage if Meg Ryan was Goldie Hawn who is actually 16 years older than Meg.......... whoops! OK I give up! Another month another rumoured romance. This time Now magazine and The National Enquirer have paired up Meg with a relatively unknown actor William Keane (31) stating the pair have been an item since December 2002. Now hold on a minute according to all the other gossip that poor Meg has been subjected to in the last few months she has been seeing John Cusack too. Boy Meg either has a very busy love life or she hasn't learned yet that an actress having her photo taken with a man = definite love forever! Keane has apparently known Ryan for 10 years or so but nothing had developed between the pair until now. Picking up on all the usual gossip the pair were seen at a boxing match in Las Vegas where they are also said to have stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel. Keane is also said to have been with Meg when she met Mike Tyson and accompanied her the the Siegfried and Roy show again in Las Vegas.  Meg Ryan is hoping that Against The Ropes is going to do for her what Erin Brockovich did for Julia Roberts. Interviewed for the Mail On Sunday's supplement, Night & Day Ryan is quoted "This is my chance to really prove what I am made of. I am inspired by Jackie (Kallen). I spent time with her, watched fights with her. The thing that amazed me was how much she loved it."  An interesting fact from Meg Ryan fan John Fry in that apparently the search engine Alta Vista lists around 112,000 responses for "Meg Ryan" whilst Google lists 202,000. I am proud to say that on Alta Vista this site has regularly featured in first place and on Google it currently appears in second place behind Meg Ryan Dot Com which hasn't been updated in an eternity. January 2003 2003 kicks off with magazine reports that Meg Ryan along with Leonardo Di Caprio and Arnold Swarzenegger are taking action against website regarding unauthorised screening of Japanese advertisements they have appeared in. Whilst I am not aware that  such legal action has gone ahead I have had a look at the website and it seems that the advertisements for Leonardo and Meg appear to have been removed although Arnie's advert still seems to be accessible via the archive. January found Meg Ryan pictured in publications all over the world performing impromptu excercises in the street. Meg was apparently snapped in West Hollywood having just had a US$90 facial at The Face Place Salon. One magazine quipped that maybe Meg had taken the advise of keeping a close eye on her handbag a little too far? Meg added to her parking ticket collection by picking one at a West Hollywood grocery store Ex husband, Dennis Quaid is said to be getting married to Anna Poche (20) according to the UK newspapers. The Edinburgh Evening News described Kate and Leopold as one of the worst movies of 2002. Against The Ropes is due to open in the USA on April 25th 2003. Mike Tyson was photographed by Meg Ryan. When he asked why she apparently explained her boxing trainer role in Against The Ropes. Kate and Leopold is released on video and DVD in the UK to the same mediocre reviews it got when the movie was released. Who cares though at least her fans (us) like it!
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