For the very latest Meg Ryan news and gossip please use the Latest News button above. Prior to the wonderful Google News feed the main source of news was an update on this site, when possible. For those who like to look back at such information I repeat all these updates below. Information on this page is relayed from newspapers, magazines and news channels from around the world. The accuracy of all information is therefore not guaranteed I just relay what I read. 2002 December 2002  Two words dominate the international Meg Ryan coverage this final  month of 2002 JOHN CUSACK. After a couple of years when Meg has been linked romantically by the media to just about every man she has been spotted with, 2002 ends with what at least can be said to be consistent reports that Meg is dating the 36 year old actor.  The pair apparently got together after bumping into each other whilst Meg was out shopping for Christmas cards. Ryan and Cusack have also been spotted dining together in Santa Monica at an Italian Restauant called Capo. John Cusack has “acted" with Meg several years ago when they both did the voice-over for the animated movie Anastasia. The National Enquirer somehow seems shocked that Meg does the mundane things in life by picturing her filling her car with fuel, cleaning the windscreen, getting a parking ticket on her Merc and fussing over son Jack. Are these things meant to be beneath such celebrities? At the time of writing this Against The Ropes is due to be released in the US on 14th March 2003. Other countries, as usual, are likely to see the movie several months later. Thanks to my reliable source for facts and figures I can give you all some current stats on the Kate and Leopold Soundtrack. Milan Records are said to have released 35982 copies 26 Feb. 2002 and Red Ink Records released 56,053 on 15 Jan. 2002. My source tells me up to October the Kate and Leopold CD had sold 35,500 copies @ approx $16 = $568,000 - not bad for a soundtrack! November 2002 Tuesday 19th November, Meg's 41st birthday. Ex-husband Dennis Quaid is quoted in OK magazine as saying about Meg "We're really good friends. We spent 13 years together and our son, Jack, is more important than anything that happened between us.". The magazine finishes the article by saying Ryan who's career remains in the toilet must be so pleased for him. Yet again another unprovoked media attack on Meg Ryan.  In a contradiction to the niceness shown to Meg above Dennis hits out at her in an interview below claiming that during his time with Meg he found it irritating that Meg was handed movies "on a plate" and that it made things tougher for him. In the same article Dennis says that young Jacks current ambition is to be a movie director. Finally the naff article of the month award goes to the one and only National Enquirer who devotes a section to Meg's 40th birthday bash in November. Not bad running an article 1 year too late as that was last Novembers news! Apparently Billy Crystal was planning on taking Meg, two dozen friends and her favorite chefs to Fiji. However if that statement is as accurate as Meg’s age then she probably stayed at home on her birthday slumped  in front of the TV with a mug of cocoa! October 2002 This is a very quiet time as regards to Meg Ryan being in the public eye so it seems to be a month when people say a lot of things about Meg rather than her speaking up for herself. Ex-husband Dennis Quaid talked about his divorce from Meg, "I certainly went through a lot the last couple of years," he says. "It was really not fun when it was happening. You know, to let your marriage fall apart in front of everybody."  When he was having public problems with Meg, Dennis says he would catch people going through his garbage, waiting outside of his house with cameras and cell phone listening equipment. And when it came to the break-up of his marriage, he blames the fact that they were both successful actors.  "It's the whole thing of being separated all the time," he explains. "Especially when you start having kids. You're never together, and to me, that's the real reason our marriage disintegrated, because of not enough time spent together. We were better parents than we were married."   An online sale, organised by Internet company Tiscali,  raised money for Breast Cancer Care. Various celebrities had various parts of their bodies cast in bronze to eventually be displayed in the winning bidder's home. Amongst many others Jenny Frost (Atomic Kitten) had her bum cast , Sadie Frost her face and Jodie Kidd had her legs done. Meanwhile some lucky soul got to cast Meg's bust in bronze for this worthy cause. For those of you who actually like what I consider to be Meg Ryan's worst ever movie - The Doors - Momentum Pictures has announced the release, for the very first time in the UK, of a Special Edition DVD of The Doors, director Oliver Stone’s 1991 homage to the 60’s rock group.  Released on February 17th 2003 and starring Val Kilmer as the group’s late singer, the legendary ‘electric poet’ Jim Morrison, this special edition DVD is crammed with f extras including an Audio Commentary by Oliver Stone, Behind the Scenes, Making Of, Direct Access to 19 songs from the movie, Teasers, Interview/Personal Profile with Oliver Stone and Val Kilmer and additional interviews with Meg Ryan, Kyle MacLachlan, Frank Whaley, Kevin Dillon and Paul Rothchild. The British paper The Observer ran a feature on which movie stars could sell movie seats and those that couldn't. I don't think any of Meg's true fans would be surprised that, yet again, the media take this opportunity to have a swipe at Meg claiming that she is not attracting movie goers to the cinema. Apparently some of the stars that can more or less sell any movie include Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise. However Meg together with Sandra Bullock, John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Clint Eastwood, and Harrison Ford are all (along with many others) not attracting the audiences they once did. I won't dwell on this part as it crops up at least every couple of months but yet again The National Enquirer reports that Meg and Dennis are thinking about getting back together again and are spending more and more time in each others company. Finally the news that broke in early October was the fact that a criminal wanted by the police had been working alongside Meg Ryan as an extra on the set of Against The Ropes. September 2002 The only significant news in September were the reports that Meg bitterly regrets splitting from Dennis (Quaid) and still hopes for a reconciliation. However the same reports also indicate that Dennis is still undecided as to whether this is a good idea as he has had to get used to being a single man again. Although this piece of "news" has cropped up time after time in the past 2 years I personally hope that they do get back together - unlike some celebrity couples they actually always looked so good and relaxed together enjoying the same types of activity and doting on their son, Jack. August 2002 Probably the most interesting piece of Meg Ryan news in August was that she is currently in a race against two big film studios to produce a movie based on the life story of the late singer Eva Cassidy.  At this stage it is not clear whether Meg is interested in just producing such a movie or starring in it herself as the singer who died at 33 years of age. This project seems to bear a striking similarity to the other movie which Meg had a lifetime ambition to produce - the life of poet Sylvia Plath , who died age 31. Every month I get stats on the most popular words searched for on this site. Every month the top 3 are the same - hair, hair- styles and hairstyle. Meg Ryan's hair is of  international interest.  This month fans have already requested details of how Meg's new hairdo in In The Cut (how apt!) is done. Heat magazine produced in the UK has given tips on producing this style. I have printed these within the "Real Meg Ryan" section of the site. Meg featured heavily in The National Enquirer in a feature yet again indicating that Meg is desperate for a reconciliation with former husband Dennis Quaid. It is also quoted that she said on the set of Against The Ropes "I made a huge mistake - and now I regret it." How accurate these reports are I haven't got a clue but given that they quote Meg's age as 39 instead of 40 (nearly 41 now) I don't hold out too much hope for the rest of the report which dwells on the fact that Dennis is quite content with his new life and still has no desire for a reconciliation. IMDB reports Kate and Leopold rentals at close to $60 million. With the studios receiving around $25 million and sales of VHS/DVD still to come looks like our Meg is still a nice little earner ! In an interview with Scott Hettrick, for Reuters, Harvey Weinstein, CEO of Miramax Films said, " ,,,the company will generate $22million-$23 million on the first round of  'Kate and Leopold'  and we predict we'll do $30million over the next couple of years."  Yet more figures regarding Kate and Leopold As of 24 July, domestic and worldwide numbers were $75,564,505. Add on estimated DVD & Video sales and you have a movie that should not lose money. Just about every newspaper and magazine in  the world seems to have mentioned Meg's apparent outburst at a film catering crew because her grapes and cheese were the wrong temperature. Funny isn't it but if Mrs Average were in a restaurant being served warm cheese and grapes complaining would seem the normal thing to do - when Meg Ryan is involved it becomes an international incident of great importance ! In fact the media seem to like picturing Meg Ryan as some sort of demented screaming delinquent at the moment. In the same month it is reported that Meg went absolutely ballistic at a female photographer who approached her. Apparently the photographer had no intention of taking Meg's picture (if you believe that you'll believe anything) but simply wanted to praise Meg's work. Meg is said to have threatened to scream if the woman went any closer. July 2002  At the end of July most Meg Ryan news reports revolve around the filming of In The Cut currently taking place in New York. The media are at this time mainly concentrating as usual on Meg's hair and what a radical departure the new layered look is from Meg's traditional Shag hairstyle. Most newspapers and magazines picture Meg with her co-star in the future erotic movie Jason Leigh whilst shopping together in New York Ladies Home Journal featured Meg on the cover and the feature inside was titled "Meg's New Life". For a 4 page feature I thought there was going to be some major news here or new pictures even. But no ........... old recycled snippets of news about Meg's alleged love-life, her appearance, her divorce from Dennis, details on her stalker and a load of all-seen-before pictures ........... boring ..............yawn! June 2002 An international magazine reported that on the set of "Against The Ropes" Meg was making the life of the crew absolute hell. Never saying hello, snubbing anyone who said "Good morning" and refusing to respond when asked if she wanted anything are just a few of the allegations against Meg by the National Enquirer. It is also alleged by the same publication that Meg had a tantrum because her grapes and cheese were the wrong temperature ultimately resulting in the firing of some of the catering crew. Sticking with the National Enquirer for Meg Ryan gossip Meg's sister, Dana, is apparently desperate to be a part of Meg's life again.  It is said that Meg and Dana haven't seen each other since 1991. As children they gradually drifted apart and despite the fact that Meg apparently assisted Dana financially around 1994 when Dana's marriage crumbled they haven't had any face-to-face contact. It is said that Dana is currently working in a Cape Cod supermarket. However she is keen to point out that this is not a matter of finances but a genuine desire to be reunited with her famous sister. June 2002 was the month when it was reported that Meg and Dennis (Quaid) were going to give their marriage another try. It was said that they had been spending much more time together and that they genuinely wanted to try a reconciliation. However no sooner I had read the above story in a UK newspaper I then read, again in the National Enquirer, that Meg is desperately trying to get back together with Russell Crowe. Yet again a so called "friend" of Meg's has insisted that she is bombarding Russell with emails, letters and phone calls in an attempt to regain his affections. Experts stated that the behavior could effectively be compared to stalking and that Russell was being harassed. Russell's long time girlfriend, Danielle Spencer, is apparently demanding that Meg leaves her man alone. Meanwhile Russell, talking about Meg , said "How can you deny yourself something that was absolute and passionate and gigantic?. We fell in love. She's a magnificent person."  All I can say about all this is boy isn't love confusing? Thanks to "Matt" for leaving the following gossip in the Guestbook. I have some information about Against the Ropes, because it is being filmed in my city. My teacher has a cameo in it. They filmed at the Cleveland Justice Center and Tower City Mall in downtown Cleveland. The scene my teacher is in, happens at a Foot Locker store where Meg (playing Jackie Kallen) is signing shoes for fans. She was in the city for over a week, but kept a low profile. She stayed at the Ritz (allegedly). They also changed the name of a restaurant to "D'Agostino's," just to film some movie scenes. On 12th June Meg was a guest at The American Film Institute's tribute to Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Tom  Hanks, held at the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood. May 2002 For the first time in a couple of years Meg is featured very little in the media this month. However no month would quite be the same without the newspapers' rumours about Meg's love life. Apparently Meg has now dumped actor Craig Bierko because she still misses Russell Crowe and wanted to spend more time with her son, Jack. Probably the most dramatic news this month on the Meg Ryan front is that Meg may no longer fulfil her life's ambition to play the poet Sylvia Plath who committed suicide aged 31.The honor of playing the role is to go to Gwyneth Paltrow. The £7million (US$10 million) production is to be made by the BBC in conjunction with several partner companies. Several reasons have been given as to why Meg's dream never got off the ground including the fact that Americans apparently don't like unhappy endings in movies, that Meg is too old at 40 to play the young poet and that Meg simply could not get the funding to get the project going. Roseanna Arquette is apparently making a feature about the pressures actresses face particularly when they hit the age of 40. It is said that the production stars Sharon Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, Meg Ryan and Holly Hunter and is called "Searching For Debra Winger" and that it was premiered at Cannes. I received an email this month informing me that the current gross Box Office figures for Kate and Leopold are as follows. International Box Office = US$15.30 million (with movie still being screened in some countries) US Box Office = US$47.09. Total current gross Box Office figure = US$62.39 million. Not at all bad for a movie that has been torn to pieces by the critics! April 2002 Last months reports of a Meg romancing underwear model Travis Fimmel were retracted by the magazine who made the statement in the first place. March's reports that Meg may star in the erotic thriller The Cut seem to be true. Indications are that shooting of the new movie will begin in July in New York. April was the month when Kate and Leopold was released to the UK public. As has become habitual recently with Meg's movies the critics criticised the movie in just about every way possible with most UK publications scoring it around 2 out of 5 (40%). Many movie critics (jealous female ones mainly) said that Meg was now far too old to play the cutesy roles. One national UK newspaper described it as "Piffle".  How bizarre then I find it that having surfed the Web for Polls of the public on this particularly funny movie people who have seen it rate it at an average 4 out of 5 (80%). Sadly I think the public also pay attention to the critics a bit too much as when I went to see this with my wife only about 10 people were watching it with us. I therefore expect poor UK Box Office takings accordingly especially as most UK cinemas have only screened Kate and Leopold for 1 week only. My personal opinion is that the reason the UK critics don't like Meg's movies much is nothing to do with her acting. Unlike other female movie stars, who's names I will not mention, Meg is not the celebrity "attention seeking" type. She does not turn up at awards ceremonies wearing practically nothing in an effort to get her picture in the paper the next morning. She has also not sold her life story to any of the glossy magazines for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Also she has always refused to dish the dirt on any fellow celebrities, friends or family. In fact from a journalist's point of view Meg is probably their worst nightmare, far too boring. I think this is why they all seek revenge when her movies are released. However from what I have seen and heard this month this anti-Meg criticism does seem to be somewhat confined to the UK. In Germany the movie has played to packed audiences and Meg has received great publicity, gracing the cover of many magazines. OK girls if you are wondering how Meg got that perfect pout in Kate and Leopold here's what a magazine said she uses. The secret apparently is Lipink (around £15 or US$22). This is a US "lip system" that keeps lips coloured and plumped for 7 hours. It is meant to be so budge proof that you have to use a special removing solution. April was the month when ex-husband Dennis Quaid spoke about his admiration for Meg apparently admitting that their marriage was already over before Meg's relationship with Russell. He said that Meg and he would always be friends and that he wanted her to find the right person to "light up her life". Meg and Dennis's son , Jack Quaid, was 10 years old on Wednesday 24th April 2002. Interviewed by Harpers and Queen Meg spoke about her upcoming role in Against The Ropes "Boxing is raw and in your face, and so is Jackie (Kallen). She's a real piece of work!" The interviewing journalist referred to When Harry Met Sally and asked Meg whether men and women could be friends without sex becoming an issue. Meg responded ? "Women can be friends with men more readily than the other way round. A man will sleep with anyone. I mean it anyone." March 2002 The Sunday Times Culture Magazine (24th March 2002) rewarded my years of work on this website at the end of a Meg Ryan interview by listing my site as the source for Meg Ryan information describing it as "Lovingly maintained". Coming from one of the UK's most respected newspapers I was very honoured by this totally unexpected recommendation. Yet again with the impending UK release of Kate and Leopold the in depth Times interview covers a lot of well trodden ground with the usual subject matter of the plot, the stresses in Meg's personal life, Russell Crowe, her Film history etc. etc. However another main Meg talking point crops up yet again the subject of romantic comedies. Despite recent reports that she fancies a change of direction here Meg admits that as far as romantic comedies go she just can't help herself. "I have to be stopped, I need a 12-step programme. I'm a compulsive doer of romantic comedies. I just like them." And lets just hope she continues making them because from previous polls I have run on this site this is what fans love Meg most for. So what if a romantic comedy never wins an Oscar - who wants another ornament to dust anyway? With the release of Kate and Leopold in the UK set for 5th April Meg is once again heavily featured in the press with interview after interview. Many of the interviews cover similar ground such as the movies plot but Meg did say when asked if she could have coped in Victorian times "No, I cant cook now, and I have to use the microwaves". Meg also said that if there really was time travel she would like to travel to Paris in the 1920's or to Ancient Greece. Another month, another reported Meg Ryan romance as Us Weekly reports that actor Craig Bierko is the new man in Meg's life. Bierko is best known as the star of the Broadway revival of The Music Man and as jazzman Ray King in Sex and The City. In line with other publications Us Weekly published pictures of the couple in Toronto where filming of Against The Ropes continues. It must be said that following 2 years of reports of Meg falling for just about every man she is pictured with the photos of her with Craig Bierko do show her as appearing to be much more relaxed, carefree and genuinely enjoying herself. One magazine obviously loves Meg Ryan saying they give the relationship two weeks at the most (is it any of their business?). Meanwhile the National Enquirer says that a friend of Meg has described Bierko as a "Russell Crowe lookalike". Eh? As far as I can see the only thing they have in common is that they are both male ! The Enquirer also reports that it was Meg's friend, actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who gave Meg Craig's phone number. I take reports of any new Meg Ryan movies planned "with a pinch of salt" as Meg only films one movie a year for son Jack's sake. Yet every year there are half a dozen or so reports that Meg will be in a certain movie. Anyway, the latest planned Meg Ryan offering is apparently going to be the lead role in the erotic thriller In The Cut where she is to take over from Nicole Kidman. In The Cut is said to be directed by Jane Campion, director of The Piano. The plot is that Meg will play a teacher who becomes sexually involved with a homicidal detective. The film is said to contain numerous graphic love scenes. Sounds like a movie as far removed from romantic comedies as Meg is ever going to get ! Yawn, yawn, yawn.....  in mid March, at the same time Meg is allegedly dating actor Craig Bierko (see above) Heat magazine in the UK say that she is dating, Calvin Klein underwear model, Travis Fimmel. It is only when you follow a celebrity's career you realise just how much complete garbage these poor people, such as Meg, have written about them. It is pretty well known that Meg never reads or watches anything about herself - probably a very wise decision as she would be eternally suing people. Another interview for Meg, this time with the UK's Independent. Again with Meg in the UK promoting Kate and Leopold although the interview is a long one it mainly covers familiar ground of Meg's alleged love life, family history including the rift with her mother, her stalker and her past movies.I delved through the interview trying to come up with something new and the only thing I could  find was that Meg was apparently rather upset when a US trade magazine said that she now had only 5 years left as an A-list performer. She says "You become very aware of Hollywood's limits for you. Ageism is a real thing, but I feel it may be shifting a bit. I have realised for a long time that there is a limit to how long a girl can continue to play the cute and adorable card". The man who went into a Malibu home on Jan. 6, that he thought was Meg Ryan's fiancé, was placed in the custody of his father, who plans to take his son back to Alabama and put him in a live-in mental facility. The ruling made by Superior Court Judge Lawrence J. Mira in the case of John Hughes, 30, came after a hearing lasting several hours. Deputy District Attorney Loni Petersen said, "I think this is the best solution for the long-term safety of Meg Ryan, the other victims and the defendant.'' Earlier in the day, Hubert Hughes Jr. got another judge to award the father conservatorship over his adult son, who had wanted to remain in California and has been diagnosed by experts as bipolar. The younger Hughes had pleaded no contest recently to charges of simple trespass and aggravated trespass. In court , Hughes testified that he is now taking his medication to combat his delusions, and he acknowledged that he does not have a relationship with the actress. According to the National Enquirer March 2002 was the month when Dennis Quaid said he's ready for a new Meg. Apparently one of Dennis's best pals said "He absolutely loves that bubbly, innocent sexuality that makes her so special. He says if he can't have Meg he wants the next best thing - whoever that might be. Dennis is intent on finding her. He really wants to get married again." It is also reported that whilst Dennis hopes to find love again one day he also wants Meg to find happiness with another man. He is said to have explained "I would like her to find somebody. I think it would be good for her and good for Jack, if that's what she wants to do." Speaking to Premiere magazine Dennis Quaid again sings Meg's praises and hints at his continued admiration of her. "The overwhelming majority of our time together was great. I don't have any regrets about it. I'd do it all again even knowing how things were going to work out." Although it was another year without an Oscar nomination for Meg (I don't think she really cares though) she apparently did attend the awards ceremony although I have not seen any photographic evidence of this. Speaking to Marie Claire, amongst other things, Meg talks about things in her life that she hasn't done that she would like to do. She says that she has only been to Hong Kong but that it whetted her appetite for China. She would like to have more kids, see the Pyramids and go to the Himalayas. On the subject of more kids Meg said she would love to have a daughter and another boy too but that she was glad she had a boy first. She said "I'm a more intact woman now than I was when I gave birth to Jack. I'd be a better mum to a girl now than I would have been then." The Kate and Leopold UK Road Show continues with a further interview with The Mail On Sunday's supplement You Magazine. As we have come to expect the familiar areas regarding Megs family life, movie history and current projects are discussed. However her son, Jack , features heavily in the interview.  I thought it was rather nice when Meg stressed that Jack, as far as possible, is brought up like any other child. "When we go out we wait in queue with everyone else. There is a whole thing that if you're famous, you're whisked through without waiting. Well I don't want that and I don't want Jack to think that's how the world is. He has to follow some simple rules and one of those is that people wait in line." When asked about turning 40 last year Meg replies in traditional humorous style "We'll what am I gonna do about it? Not turn 40?" Speaking about recent traumatic events in her life Meg replied "By the time you reach my age, you've made so many mistakes that if you haven't learnt something from them you must be nuts" February 2002 Meg Ryan's co-star in her latest film, Kate and Leopold, says they got on like brother and sister. Breckin Meyer said they got on famously while making the movie even though they'd never met before. "We had a brother-sister relationship from the get-go," he said. "I'd never met her before this movie but once we started hanging out, it was just messing with each other and we made each other laugh so much." Meyer, who is best known in the US for his role in the sitcom Inside Schwartz, said: "There's a scene at the end of the movie where I tell her 'You know you've got to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. "We couldn't get through it because we were laughing so much. "So the end of that scene had to be done with me looking at the back of her head. I said 'Meg, I can't talk to you any more. Just turn around and I'll say it to the back of your head'." Kate And Leopold is due to be released in the UK in March People News reports that Meg Ryan and Nicole Kidman are to team up in a film that will mark Kidman's debut as a producer. The Cut will be directed by New Zealander Jane Campion, the woman behind the Oscar-winning The Piano. Kidman bought the rights to Susanna Moore's book in 1996 with a view to starring in the film, but has since decided that she would prefer a behind-the-scenes role. The Cut tells the story of a New York writing teacher who becomes involved with a murder detective. Ryan's part will be a marked departure from the girl-next-door romantic roles for which she is best known. On a light hearted note In Style Magazine ran a feature "Celebrity Love Match"  in which 5 female film stars, Meg included, were paired with 5 male celebrities according to their star signs. Here is the verdict for Meg's possibility of romance with George Clooney, Hugh Grant, Jeremy Northam, Mick Jagger and Russell Crowe. As regards to star sign Meg is a Scorpio, George a Taurean, Hugh Grant a Virgo, Jeremy Northam Sagittarius, Mick Jagger a Leo and Russell is under the sign of Aries. Apparently Meg's worst love match would be with Mick Jagger. They are quite simply not each others type and a relationship would be disastrous, especially domestically. Meg is too down to earth for Mick and she would quickly tire of pandering to his four planets and be driven mad with his disappearing acts. Meg might pair off slightly better with either George Clooney or Russell Crowe. With George apparently there would be good on-screen chemistry. George with Venus in Aries has the same sign as her Moon so they would be a feisty pair. But they would fight to be leader in the process. Russell and Meg apparently have a should-be-together quality about their charts. He's the type of guy she dreams of and she is close to perfection for him. According to the stars on screen at home and in bed they are great! Meg's best chances for love according to In Style would be with either Hugh Grant or Jeremy Northam. Hugh and Meg both have Moon in Aries an indicator of domestic compatibility. It is said they would feel good hanging out together and be comfortable in each others company. Having said that whilst they would be a great husband and wife team for a film Hugh is said not to be as free spirited as Meg so a real-life romance might not work. Jeremy is said to represent many of Meg's ideal qualities in a man. The relationship would be sizzling. He is dangerous enough to keep Meg interested and she smart enough to hold his interest. They would be a go out and do not a "stay at home" couple. The Australian celebrity gossip magazine New Idea reports that apparently Meg was left heartbroken and sobbing when ex-love Russell Crowe announced to her that he planned to settle down with Australian actress and singer Danielle Spencer. Insiders (why are these mystery insiders never named?) said Russell poured his heart out to Meg days before he attended the Golden Glove awards with Danielle. Love is the subject of an interview of Meg's published in "S" the supplement published with the Sunday Express. The interview covers a lot of old ground with Megs divorce, Russell Crowe etc.....etc... Asked are you in love at the moment she replies, "If I've learned anything this past year, it's not to answer that question", she laughs. As with a lot of recent interviews son Jack again crops up in the conversation. It seems Jack has no plans to follow in Mum or Dad's footsteps, "He doesn't even seem aware that Dennis and I are in movies, which I'm grateful for!" With the release of Kate and Leopold around the world Meg is certainly doing the rounds on the interview front. Speaking to In Style magazine, March issue (which features some of the most stunning pictures I have seen of Meg) various issues are covered including Kate and Leopold, juggling a career and being a mother, son Jack and upcoming movie Against The Ropes. In relation to Kate and Leopold Meg says she can relate to Kate being similar to herself  "I can relate to the fact that this woman is a multitasker , a mother and a career person. She has taken all of the energy in her life and put it into her career to the detriment of the rest of her life. I have all these things going on too and it's very hard balancing them." Meg reiterates the importance of son Jack in her life, "My son is the most important thing in the world to me. He's the only man in my life right now." She continues "He's pretty grounded and he's got a pretty good bullshit detector. People in school who want to be his friends because he has famous parents... he doesn't want anything to do with them." Jack has also recently figured out the Santa Claus thing. "It was tremendous fun. He listed all the reasons why he thought Santa exists and why he didn't. Then he said, "That's a good gag. You mean everyone is in on it?" February kicks off with some major Meg Ryan news across the world with the arrest of an alleged obsessed Meg Ryan stalker. Meg has obtained a restraining order against the alleged stalker, named as John Hughes,30,  after saying that she understandably fears for the safety of both herself and her son, Jack. Meg said in court papers in Los Angeles "He told police we will be together forever but I have never met him. His actions are alarming and I fear for my safety." In Santa Monica a judge has ordered that Mr. Hughes must remain at least 150 yards from the actress. Hughes is apparently already known to the US secret service as he was discovered a year ago trying to break into the ranch at Crawford, Texas, owned by president Bush. At that time he had informed agents he had a letter for the leader, but he was actually carrying a pistol, rifle and two shotguns in his car. Having been sentenced to 6 months in prison and was released after spending 4 months in a psychiatric hospital. On this occasion Hughes was arrested having broken into a house in Malibu, California believing it to be owned by Meg. He had apparently cooked himself 2 meals, rearranged furniture, thrown out alcohol,  placed a pair of toy handcuffs on display and put 2 deck chairs on a pool diving board. He is said to have insisted that he was Meg's fiancé. He said he was waiting for her to come home and that he had broken in because Meg had forgotten to leave the key under the doormat.  It is reported that in his own mind he truly believes Meg is his girlfriend. However the house did not belong to Meg at all. It actually belonged to someone called Andrea and Tomas Ryan (no relation). It is also reported that Sheriff's deputies not only found a copy of the US weekly magazine which had Meg on the cover but more worryingly he was also allegedly in position of a rifle night vision scope. He is also said to have told investigators that he would never stop trying to find Meg. On a lighter note 2 days prior to this unfortunate event Meg was in the UK being interviewed by Johnny Vaughn. Meg looked absolutely fabulous. Thanks to regular site visitor and huge Meg Ryan fan Kimberley Saunders I am able to share a few images from that interview with you. This was a light hearted interview during which Johnny tried to get Meg to name Hollywood's top 10 complete bastards. True to Meg's "keeping mum" style she wouldn't name anybody but said she could think of a least  15 off the top of her head. She said she is loving life having turned 40 and loved the opportunities that continue to come her way. As regards to romance she said " I do unquestionably believe in romance. There's something lovely about having a man to hold a door open for you or stand up while you are seated at a table. There should be more of that around." In line with other recent interviews Meg also reiterated that she would like more children. However by a bizarre twist of fate the Johnny Vaughn show may have proved the source of a future movie for Meg. Also interviewed on the show was Debra Veal , 26, the transatlantic rower famed for her 112 day, 3,000 mile voyage. The story in itself is a remarkable one with the experiences Debra went through during those 112 long days (and nights). Of course it is even more amazing that this turned out to be a sole voyage when originally Debra's husband Andrew was meant to go with her but could not go through with it. As Debra and Andrew told their story to Johnny Vaughn Meg was clearly very interested in this woman's bravery and her dedication not only to the voyage but also to her husband. It is reported that Meg met Andrew and Debra after the show and discussed buying the film rights to this epic voyage. It is already known that Debra Veal is in negotiations regarding the publication of a book detailing the epic experience. However it is not known whether any potential movie would be based on the book or on an independently written script. Either way if this movie is made I could think of no better person to play the heroine than Meg. For a movie that is sure to be high on female emotions this could be Meg's most epic performance yet. It would be a bit like a female "Cast Away". Meg has long said that she has been looking for the right movie to take her away from the normal romantic comedies she has become type cast for. Surely if ever the right project were to "land in her lap" it could be this one. Don't give up on this one Meg - its a great opportunity.  Even better that unlike Cast Away, which was great anyway, it is based on a true story. January 2002 Meg Ryan tells the Reader's Digest that she would love to have a daughter. "I'd love to have a daughter," Ryan told the February issue of Reader's Digest. "I'd like to have another boy, too, but I'm glad I had a boy first. I think I'm a much more intact woman now than I was nine years ago when I gave birth to Jack. I think I'd be a better mum to a girl now than I would have been then." Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe are set to meet again for the first time since splitting up. Both Meg and Russell are in contention for awards at the 52nd Berlinale film festival in Berlin from February 1 to 18. Still on the subject of  Mr. Crowe was reported as saying in a US television of Meg "She's very special. Still a very important person to me. I mean we spent 2 hours talking on the phone last night." " I think it's much better for the two of us that we are great friends. We started off being mates and we are still mates."
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