For the very latest Meg Ryan news and gossip please use the Latest News button above. Prior to the wonderful Google News feed the main source of news was an update on this site, when possible. For those who like to look back at such information I repeat all these updates below. Information on this page is relayed from newspapers, magazines and news channels from around the world. The accuracy of all information is therefore not guaranteed I just relay what I read. 2001 December 2001 Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman attended the US premiere of the Romantic comedy Kate and Leopold in Los Angeles. Guests also included West Wing actor Bradley Whitford, who appears in the film. Russell Crowe was reported as saying he wished he could have turned the clock back as regards to not having spent last years New Years Eve with Meg and stating that he owed her an apology because he was not as flexible as he might have been preferring instead to go drinking with his mates. He apparently said of their romance, "It was an incredibly intense period of my life. She's a magnificent person." In Britain the Daily Mail ran a feature with a plastic surgeon showing images of Meg from 1989 to 2001 and questioning the surgeon as to whether Meg has had plastic surgery (nothing better to write about I guess). The surgeons verdict was: "I honestly can't see any sign of surgery. Some women have a facelift at the very first sign of laxity, so it's possible she's done that. It goes without saying that she's probably had Botox - most actresses have - as her forehead is so perfectly smooth." Meg of course had her 40th birthday last month. Of turning 40 she is reported to have said, "Turning 40 brings a certain sense of self and confidence that eludes you when you're younger. There's more freedom". A year after the end of their relationship it is said that it was Meg Ryan who ended her relationship with Russell Crowe by way of a phone call and not the other way round as had previously been believed. It is stated that Russell was devastated by the end of the romance. Russell also apparently said of Meg "She is a searcher. She's got an incredibly inquisitive mind, so it was very easy for us to be in the same room together for hours and hours, just talking. That was very special."  also "I fell in love with one of the most beautiful women in the world and, for some reason, some people think it's a crime." In a rather in depth interview with US weekly Meg revealed once again that she has a desire to get away from the romantic comedies she has become so well known for. The subject which enlightened Meg the most was the discussion revolving around, 9 year old, son Jack. "God he's something. He just takes my breath away!", she said. Meg also admits that she gets impatient being in one place for too long and that although she loves LA she loves experiencing new places, new cities and hotels. She loves ordering from room service but doesn't care if the service actually turns up or not (eh?). She goes on to explain that she hasn't found that certain something to make her life complete and that she is always searching for new experiences, new places to visit, new people to meet. As always Meg keeps her private life, as it should be, private and refuses to discuss the reasons behind her divorce. On her relationship with Russell, Meg again refused to comment but did say "I think it's so wrong for me to talk about my friend. I think the world of him. We still talk. I'd rather let him speak for himself. Meg did say, however, that the putting up with the relationship being publicized internationally in such a public way was "A horrible experience." On the prospect of getting remarried one day Meg said "Oh yeah, I like marriage. It's fantastic. I like not having to think about finding someone or something." Meg's white elephant seeking documentary was screened in the UK on 27th December. For those fans of Meg around the world who have not seen it do not miss it when it comes to your country! The documentary shows Meg as the down to earth, non self-centred humorous, hard working person we have all come to love. However this terrific program also demonstrates Meg's deep respect for eastern religion. Even if you are not a particularly big Meg Ryan fan if you are a fan of nature documentaries again you will not wish to miss the screening as the whole production is superbly made from beginning to end. Fascinating viewing! Meanwhile Meg enters 2002 busy building her biceps as she films her latest movie "Against The Ropes". This will be the true story of female boxing manager Jackie Kallen , who guided the careers of boxers including former middleweight champion James Toney. Meg is looking the part for this role by spending hours at the Gym. The film will be directed by Charles S Dutton. Will we see Muscley Meg in 2002? Just when I have read and reported above that Meg is going to steer away from Romantic Comedies I came across this piece of information: Meg Ryan and Richard Gere are in talks to star in a new romantic comedy. The pair will play a couple of divorce lawyers in the movie called Wedlocked.. A therapist "fingercuffs" them together for 48 hours in an attempt to save their marriage. Filming is likely to start in spring after Meg has finished shooting her new boxing movie Against The Ropes. Meg Ryan has closed down her movie production company Prufrock Films. She says she wasn't happy with the kind of movies the company was making. Prufrock was behind Winona Ryder's Lost Souls and The Wedding Planner starring Jennifer Lopez. It is reported that Meg Ryan said: "They were producing things that I didn't really like, particularly because I wasn't there. "I felt like it didn't reflect me, and my name was on it and I wasn't happy about that." November 2001 And so it was the month when Meg Ryan turned 40 years of age (Monday 19th November). What did the international press do to commemorate the birthday of this great actress ..... err practically nothing. The event was hardly even mentioned in the international newspapers or even the popular weekly glossy celebrity magazines for that matter. Strange when you think that she only has to be pictured with any male in the world and the media all suddenly have her picture everywhere with "Meg is having a relationship with ......". Anyway Meg all your fans at least hope you had a great 40th birthday. The whole mass of comments in the guest book verify that! For those of you who are in the UK don't miss "Going Wild With Meg" on Channel 5 Thursday 27th December at 8pm GMT. I am pretty certain that those of you who have access to satellite TV within Europe may also be able to receive this program.  No this is not a program by Russell Crowe recounting their relationship but the documentary Meg filmed in Thailand in June to raise world awareness about the worrying drop in numbers of Asia's wild elephants. For the Meg Ryan fan definitely one for the video recorder! A special page on this story has been created in The Real Meg Ryan section accessible from the main menu. It wouldn't be the same would it without yet another report in a UK magazine that Meg and Russell Crowe may be back together? The story in Heat magazine indicates that they may be giving the relationship another time after both taking time out to reflect on previous events. Sorry but as this story keeps cropping up month after month I find Meg's fondness for elephants to be more interesting! An American newspaper apparently ran a story stating that Meg's staff who work in her apartment complex in New York were apparently angry because all they got for Christmas last year (2000) was a box of Candy. Meg's manager refuted the allegation stating that every year gifts and cards were handed out to all employees regardless of their length of service. Having paid a 10% deposit to purchase the same apartment complex in New York the potential buyer allegedly had to pull out following the tragic events of September 11th. This left Meg with $500,000. The magazine I read this story in tried to make an issue about the rich getting richer however given that forfeiting the deposit is the law in many countries when a sale falls through I think this is a grossly unfair judgment to make. Goodness have I really got to return to this subject ...... Meg and Men? According to the National Enquirer "Meg Goes Man Crazy". The report then recounts all the men Meg has been seen with this year including Russell Crowe, Tim Robbins, Matt Dillon, Hugh Jackman and Breckin Meyer as proof that she is playing the field. Several "friends" of Meg's then provide quotes like Meg told me "I'm young and sexy and I want to have a good time." So she is and so she might want this but just who are these so called friends who are always nameless? And if the information is true would you want such a person as your friend when they go blurting to the media? Personally I think not. I wonder if this subject will raise its head again next month .... I hope not its getting boring! October 2001 A month on from the horrors of September 11th and, alongside other celebrity stars, Meg is involved in the concert aimed at raising funds for the families and victims affected by the terrorist attacks. Meg is pictured with the family of Timothy Stackpole, a firefighter who sadly lost his life in the attacks.   On a lighter note who'd have thought it but Meg was spotted at a L A newspaper stand looking at errr ...... newspapers! Wow the wonders of interesting journalism eh? Pictures from last months fund raising telethon appeared in magazines including a rather wonderful picture of Meg Ryan, Goldie Hawn and Sally Field posing with the Stars and Stripes. For those of you who would like this image on your PC desktop as a sign of worldwide unity against terrorism I have created new wallpapers and put them on the wallpaper page. Meg's ex-husband and ex-lover are apparently getting together to raise more money for victims of the terrorist attacks. Dennis's band The Sharks and Russell Crowe's 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts will merge to record the CD. It is also reported that Meg and son, Jack, will also appear in the video. Apparently a Hollywood Insider was quoted as saying that Meg had said, "If these two men can become friends then there is hope for world peace." And finally for October the "are they or aren't they?" questions continue over Meg's and Russell's relationship with more reports that they have been seen together. (Some magazines must be desperate for news dragging this story up again!). September 2001 Well for obvious sad reasons with the terrorist attacks in the United States there is very little Meg Ryan gossip this month. Meg was however involved in the celebrity fund raising telethon broadcast across the television networks in America (and indeed across the world). Meg was seen taking calls from generous donors alongside other big name celebrities taking part including Tom Hanks. To date the telethon is reported as having raised $150 million. A magazine has stated that Megs relationship with her father is now as strained as her relationship with her mother. Meg's dad has allegedly stated that he hasn't heard or seen Meg in over 3 years. He has also apparently said that Meg should make up with her mother. It's funny, but from my own personal experience it is always made out that rifts in families are the fault of the child not the parent and that the parent never does anything wrong. The child is always expected to go crawling back to the parent and to do the making up. I don't normally pass judgment on this site but if it is true that Meg's mother and father both want a reconciliation with Meg then why don't they stop gossiping to the international media and do something about making up themselves? In the Australian magazine "New Idea" it was said that Meg had angrily confronted Nicole Kidman and accused her of trying to ruin a potential reconciliation with actor Russell Crowe. The rumors revolve around the dinner Meg and Russell enjoyed a couple of months back during which it is alleged Russell and Meg discussed setting up home together. It is said that Meg was furious when Russell subsequently left to comfort Nicole as former husband Tom Cruise courted actress Penelope Cruz. August 2001 Meg's mother, Susan Jordan, has apparently claimed in her autobiography that Meg banned her from ever seeing her grandson, Jack or even pictures of him. The biography allegedly pulls no punches in confirming the feud with Meg which started when Dennis apparently first stayed at Susan Jordan's home. Meg is reported (yes again) to be yearning for a reconciliation with Dennis Quaid. Whether this is true or not is pure speculation it seems. However it is at least the third time in a year this has been stated in the press. Meg was spotted shopping in Madison Avenue, New York with her good friend actress Carrie Fisher and Carrie's daughter, Billie. Dennis Quaid spoke to the newspapers for the first time about his divorce from Meg stating that they were driven apart by the pressures from stardom. Meg has of course since bought a mansion near to the house she shared with Dennis allowing for easy access to both parents for young Jack. Back in June I mentioned about the documentary Meg is taking part in to save the Thai elephants. Meg is fully committed to the project and has even managed to persuade actor and good friend Tom Hanks and his wife Rita to get involved in the documentary. Although, apparently, Meg did not have to beg too hard as Tom has a great deal of respect for Meg. The Thai government said that Meg had made a big impression in their country and had many good things to say about her. Government official Wullup Namvongprom said, "The people absolutely love her. She came to visit me and was dressed in the traditional Thai skirt and blouse which is a sign of respect for our country and customs. She was eager to learn everything she could about the country and the problems of our elephants. It is a rare occurrence for us in Thailand to have someone of her stature care so much about her culture and the preservation of one of our greatest resources - our elephant population". As modest as usual Meg was quoted as saying, "Right now all I care about is the environment and how I can help. I'm a mother - and that role alone wants you to make every effort to do something positive for your children. I want my son (Jack) to learn from my example that one person can make a difference. At the very least we have to try." July 2001 The international newspapers are shocked that a Hollywood couple have managed to agree a divorce settlement amicably. The couple are of course Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid. In what appears to have been a relatively simple arrangement joint custody of young Jack Quaid was agreed and the couple have also made a pact never to seek alimony from each other. Nice to see that family has come before financial greed in this particular celebrity split. This settlement must have been a bitter disappointment to the unnamed interfering busy body who had previously asked the US court not to give custody of Jack to either party. The British internet magazine .NET vote Meg Ryan #24 in the world's top 50 internet sex icons. Meg was apparently upset that her co-star in Kate and Leopold, Hugh Jackman, was going to be working on his wedding anniversary. Apparently, as a result, Meg phoned up his wife explaining that she shouldn't stay in on her own instead they should go for a meal together - no not Hugh and his wife - but Meg and his wife. Meanwhile Jackman allegedly still spent his anniversary alone. Another case of "fact or fiction?" as a newspaper reports  that Meg was back with Russell Crowe and that they had spent a night together at the Mercer hotel in New York. It's quite funny really because if Meg and Russell were able to be in all the places they are said to be with all the different people they have been reported to be with they must be traveling at the speed of light to get between countries and filming locations! This month also saw a massive article on Meg in People Weekly (USA magazine) which also featured Meg on the cover. Expecting lots of new news I eagerly read every word of this 6 page feature and discovered nothing that I haven' reported already with one small exception. Apparently on April 19th a guy called Bob Mitchell was in Manhatten's Oniel's bar and restaurant when Meg Ryan (who was out with some girlfriends) rushed up to him, and embraced him with a big kiss. Sadly Meg had apparently mistaken Bob Mitchell for somebody else so this turned out to be the shortest date in history. Then again how many people can say they've been kissed and hugged by Meg Ryan? Not many sadly. June 2001 June is the month when the press made a big issue about Meg watching a couple having sex. Well the couple involved were actually elephants in Thailand where Meg is involved in filming a documentary about this endangered species. Another magazine made a big issue out of Meg eating a hot dog in New York - boy are the international media getting desperate for news?  Meg also left her mobile phone in a New York coffee shop recently. Apparently when she realized it was gone she dialed her own number. One of the coffee shop boys apparently answered, "This is Meg Ryan's phone, who's calling please?". Meg is said to have replied, "This is Meg and I am such an idiot!". And finally a web report that Meg dumped Russell Crowe and not the other way round. This particular piece of "exciting" news is sadly way out of date as it has been known for some months! May 2001 Meg is back in the news (did she ever leave it?) having been reported to be spending a lot of time with her new co-star (in Kate and Leopold) Breckin Meyer and that there may be something romantic going on. More than likely the press just like the sound of this story as they seem to like romantically linking Meg with any man on earth at the moment. The media made a big deal of Meg getting back with Dennis Quaid on Jack's birthday - the poor lad couldn't even have his birthday in peace without his family being followed by the Paparazzi! However Meg did have her revenge on the aforementioned Paparazzi  when one of the photographers fell whilst following her. She apparently asked the photographer if he was ok only to be told that he would not have tripped if she had allowed him to take her picture. He then asked if he could now take her picture. Meg still declined (Ha!) And finally for May we once again have to bring Russell Crowe back into the Meg Ryan biography. According to reports Russell is now desperate to win back Meg and has been showering her with flowers and gifts April 2001 Edging towards May I thought Meg Ryan was going to manage to stay out of the media in April but in the last 10 days of the month she didn't let us down and 3 main stories appeared. Firstly arose the reports that Meg had set her sights on married actor Tim Robbins - I won't dwell any more on this story because if the media are to be believed Meg has fallen in love with somebody different every month for about the last 3-4 months! I think not! The second story revolves around the fact that allegedly Russell Crowe is trying absolutely everything to get Meg back with gifts, cards, flowers etc. Again given the fact that Russell himself has been romantically linked with several women in the last few months this report also may be fiction. Finally pictures appeared in the international press of a painfully thin and gaunt looking Meg Ryan. In fact the images were so unlike Meg that she actually looked more like Gwyneth Paltrow than Meg Ryan. Press reports seemed to conflict on whether this weight loss was deliberate or due to recent stressful events in Meg's personal life. On that note that's the end of the gossip for this month and we'll wait to see which man Meg is romantically linked to in May! March 2001 No let up in the amount of international coverage of Meg with umpteen different newspaper and magazine articles. As usual judge for yourself which of the following gossip / news may be true or false. At the end of March it is reported that Meg has asked Russell Crowe to take back the 39th birthday present he gave her , a mint condition 1963 Buick Riviera. Apparently the car is at present back with the original dealership in Manhattan waiting for a buyer on the understanding the proceeds would then go to Russell. Meg is said to have enjoyed a basketball game with her co stars in her latest movie, Kate and Leopold, with Breckin Meyer and X-Men star Hugh Jackman Meg was seen dining with actor Griffin Dunne and star of Austin Powers, Mike Myers and his wife. Despite the "news" of the returned gift to Russell Crowe (above) Meg was earlier in the month reported to have enjoyed a meal together in New York at the Mercer Kitchen. I hope in particular that this part isn't true but some sources say that Meg is considering getting out of Hollywood altogether. A UK newspaper states that Meg received 500 red roses at her New York apartment on Valentines day, apparently from Russell Crowe. Proof of Life was released in the UK this month , 2nd March. Strange how the US critics had given this movie an average score of 2/5 whilst the UK critics scored it at what I would think is a more appropriate mark of 4/5. Personally I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and would say that the US critics appear to have been taking Russells and Megs relationship into account far too much when reviewing this.  The most shocking piece of news I read about Meg Ryan in March came in Woman's Day magazine published March 12th 2001. Whilst Meg Ryan's and Dennis Quaid divorce negotiations continue some anonymous busy body has submitted a four page letter to court officials. The letter claims that young Jack Quaid should be placed under court supervision for at least a year claiming that both parents have been irresponsible. However most of the flack in the document seems to be directed to poor Meg with the author claiming they are writing anonymously because "Mrs. Quaid has a history of vituperative , intemperate and peremptory behavior in public and in private". Although written anonymously the document has to be taken into account by the court. February 2001 Another month where Meg Ryan is still constantly in the headlines. All the major "events" have been listed below although which, if any, are true is anybody's guess. Harry Hyra, Meg's father, was reported to be furious that Russell had expressed the love of his ranch as greater than his love for Meg. He is stated as having said "What Russell has been saying about preferring to be with his animals is insulting. If he was really into Meg he would have let her go with him or split his time between LA and Australia. But to say that he would rather be with his cows... What a thing to say." Quotation from Russell Crowe "Meg is a beautiful and courageous woman. I grieve the loss of her companionship, but I haven't lost her friendship." Fans of Russell Crowe are claiming a song called Wendy which was recorded by his band was written in honor of Meg. However the fans are wrong with the song having been written in 1998 Woman's day an Australian magazine reports that Meg broke off the relationship with Russell Crowe and that she allowed her publicist to tell the respected US columnist Ted Casablanca "Meg decided to end the relationship before the holidays". It was also stated that he was told that Meg was "tiring of Russell's overly active eyeballs". The magazine also said that Meg would still like a reconciliation with Dennis Quaid but that he was enjoying life as a single man again and would not have her back. More publicity for Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe as the International Press state that their relationship broke up because Russell said that he loved his cows more than Meg. He never actually said those words exactly but I suppose it made good headlines anyway. It seems he actually said was that he preferred life on his Australian ranch to the L.A. lifestyle enjoyed by Meg. Guess that's why she moo-ved out!! Proof Of Life is now due to be released in the UK on 2nd March , the movie which has received an average 2 out of 5 rating from the film critics but which visitors to this site have given glowing praise.. There are reports in the international press that the long running feud between Meg and her mother is now over following the break up in the relationship with Russell Crowe. It is rumoured that Meg is interested in playing porn queen Linda Lovelace in an upcoming movie about her life. January 2001 31 Jan: Meg has been in Las Vegas taking photos at a boxing match as part of her research into her latest role as a prizefighting coach. She is going to play Jackie Kallen in the true story of a woman who makes it big in the tough male dominated world of prizefighting. For those British readers who do not already know Proof Of Life starring Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe was due to be released in the UK on 2nd February (but hasn't been). Despite a severe panning by the film critics I have had several emails from people in the States saying just how much they enjoyed the movie and that it was excellent. Sounds like the cinema is well worth a visit! On a more humorous  note ,for once, I want to share with you a small press feature taken from the Sun newspaper last year when Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe went to a David Bowie concert. See picture (right). More rumors on Meg Ryan continue with the Daily Star (UK newspaper) reporting "that Russell Crowe walked out on Meg Ryan when she demanded marriage ..... and a baby" The Star also said "Meg's a mess. Her eyes are bloodshot from crying herself to sleep. She spends hours talking on the phone to anyone who will listen. She looks gaunt." I'm treating everything I read about Meg Ryan at the moment with caution however the piece I found most unbelievable about this report was the part that said Meg is in such a state of shock "she's been asking mutual pals, including Michael Douglas, to talk to Russell about taking her back." Personally I reckon Meg can fight her own battles! Besides Russell Crowe said some very nice things about Meg when he undertook an interview with Heat magazine. I have put his quotes in "The Real Meg Ryan" page available from the main menu then click on "Others On Meg" Well the publicity machine keeps running and New Years Eve apparently had the wedding that never was at Russell's home in Australia. Russell was simply having his usual new years eve party he throws every year. Besides it was always going to be slightly tricky for Russell to marry Meg on New Years Eve with her still being married to Dennis Quaid. The bulk of this marriage rumor in the first place came from the Australian press who it seems had nothing else to talk about so they invented a marriage. 14th January and boy does it look as though I am going to be kept busy this year. I'll start off this update with a report sent to me by Ewonne Lennartsson with a translation from the Swedish Paper Aftonbladet. "The latest gossip on Meg and Russell. He broke up with her in December after she went to his hotel, Bel Air, LA and confronted him with questions about his interview where he had said that he hadn't found the right woman yet. They had a fight and he yelled to her that it was all over. He then caught a plane to Australia. Eyewitnesses say Meg ran out of the hotel crying as she was jumping into her white BMW. Apparently Russell Crowe spent New Years Eve with friends and an ex-girlfriend (Danielle Spencer) at Coffs Harbour Australia. Meg spent it with her son Jack at a hotel in Aspen, Colorado"  A Happy New year to all visitors to my pages and I am pleased to say Meg Ryan's fans have started 2001 just as confused as we ended 2000. Did she or didn't she marry Russell Crowe on New Years Eve? The initial news in November stemmed mainly from reports in Australian newspapers and magazines where of course Russell has his home. There were reports that invitations had gone out to lots of famous guests. Yet readers of this page will also be aware that the British press reported that Russell had said that he hadn't found the right woman to marry yet. More news on this subject when I get it. In the meantime Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe still feature heavily in the International Media following  the release of Proof Of Life in the US. However the publicity I have read is anything but good. Magazines report that posters featuring the movie have been defaced with obscene phrases linked to Meg's and Russell's relationship and that Box Office turnover was poor. Whether it is true or not I don't know but it has also been reported that the movie's producers are angry because both Meg and Russell were refusing to undertake interviews relating to the movie.
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