For the very latest Meg Ryan news and gossip please use the Latest News button above. Prior to the wonderful Google News feed the main source of news was an update on this site, when possible. For those who like to look back at such information I repeat all these updates below. Information on this page is relayed from newspapers, magazines and news channels from around the world. The accuracy of all information is therefore not guaranteed I just relay what I read. 2000 December 2000 This will be the last news update for Meg in 2000 and what an eventful year this has been for this popular actress. Her personal life rarely out of the international media and in general publicity about her anything but good. But having said this, if you have read as many different reports as I have this year, you will note that no two stories are the same and that every report contradicts another in some way. It is therefore hard to know what to believe. Whatever the truth I am sure Meg will be looking forward to putting the year 2000 behind her and starting afresh in 2001. To end Meg's year on a positive note I am pleased to say that Meg Ryan has agreed for her portrait to be on the National Kidney Research Fund calendar for 2001 together with many other big names such as Eddie Murphy and Heather Locklear. A great actress supporting a great cause. If any fans would like to get hold of this calendar the National Kidney Research Funds free phone no in the UK is 0800 783 2973 they are £5.99 plus £1.50 postage and packing to the UK. For international enquiries you will need to phone your operator to obtain the phone number from your country for this charity. Obviously postage and packing charges will be more expensive. The end of  2000 and  just when it appeared  as though Meg has been left alone by the international media a few more stories hit the international press. There are reports in Australia about Meg staying with Russell Crowe in his Australian home. Another story in Hello says that Russell bought Meg a £16000 car, a 1963 Buick Riviera, but that she appeared to not be very enthusiastic about it. Mind you they did report it was her 38th Birthday when in fact she is 39. More devastating, as far as the Ryan/Crowe romance issue is concerned, is the UK's Daily Mirror interview with Russell Crowe in which he denies he and Meg are to marry and says that he hasn't met the right woman to marry yet. On another note it is also reported in the papers that at US previews of Proof Of Life many of the audience got up and left before the end of the movie because they couldn't take the on-screen love affair between Ryan and Crowe seriously in fact many are reported to have laughed at these scenes. November 2000 So we roll into November with Meg ,Russell and Dennis still featuring highly in the international press. There are now so many reports flying about that you simply don't know what, if anything, to believe. First there were the aerial photos of Meg's new mansion in LA which she has bought for privacy. Some privacy when you have helicopters flying overhead taking pictures of your home! Then there were reports in the Australian press that Meg and Russell are to marry in January 2001 because Meg's and Dennis's divorce will be absolute then and that the invitations have already gone out. Finally there are reports in the US media that Meg is planning to have her breasts enlarged to keep Russell happy. Whatever the truth is all the above was reported in a period of about 11days. Who knows what will happen in the remaining 19 days of this month apart from Meg's 39th birthday which is on Sunday 19th November. October 2000 Late October 2000 and the National Enquirer reports that according to "sources" Meg Ryan wants to have Russell Crowe's baby. Whether this is true or not although I am a huge Meg Ryan fan there are times when I wish the media would leave this poor woman alone to get on with her life and making good movies. Whatever the true situation is Meg, Dennis, Jack and even Russell  Crowe deserve some privacy! September / October 2000 No longer is there a reconciliation between Meg and Dennis and according to press and magazine reports there never was one. Meg's relationship with Russell Crowe is reported to be continuing with magazines saying that she has been introduced to Russell's parents. Meg has also been quoted as saying that her marriage to Dennis was effectively over long before falling in love with Russell. She has also said that both she and Dennis have agreed they will never talk about their marriage break up. Information on this page is relayed from newspapers, magazines and news channels from around the world. The accuracy of all information is therefore not guaranteed I just relay what I read. August 2000 August 2000. It is announced that Meg is expected to take the lead role in Oliver Stone's new film Beyond Borders alongside Kevin Costner June & July 2000 June and July 2000 are a couple of pretty confusing months with conflicting press and media reports about Meg. First there are reports that Meg is attempting a reconciliation with Dennis as she realized the affair with Russell Crowe was a mistake. However it is then reported that Meg has filed her own divorce papers.   29 June 2000 A very sad day in the biography of Meg Ryan as she and Dennis Quaid announce they are to separate after 9 years of marriage. A week later it is announced they are to divorce with Dennis filing divorce papers on July 11th.. The report comes after UK newspaper reports of Meg's evenings out with Russell Crowe who is to co star in her new movie Proof Of Life In 2000 it is reported by John Frieda the London based top celebrity hairdressers reports that the short "Meg Ryan shag" is the most popular women's hairstyle at a cost of between £50 - £100 (US $77 - $155). The Daily Express also confirms that Meg Ryan's cut is the era's most requested style. 2000. As Meg is involved in the shooting of Proof Of Life in various countries around the world it is reported that Meg is set to earn a cool $15 million whilst her co star Russell Crowe is set to earn a mere $6 million  Meg is not known to get involved in a lot of commercial advertising however she has been known to advertise Japanese soft drinks and has also worked for Mitsubishi
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