Made with Xara Web Designer Copyright©1997-2010 Meg Ryan At Home  Away from the acting scene some of the things Meg likes getting up to probably aren't the things you would imagine her to be getting up to. Far away from the party lifestyle of other big name celebrities you are far more likely to find Meg Ryan doing Yoga, which she used to enjoy with former husband, Dennis Quaid. She is also reported to be very interested in the art of meditation. Although she is hard working Meg loves her son more than anything and she loves nothing more than filming a movie in L.A so that she can drive home every evening to spend time with  Jack. Meg maintains a healthy diet enjoying lots of lean, low fat chicken and fish dishes. She makes sure she has plenty of vegetables and a good exercise regime. Prior to their divorce Meg and Dennis  celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary in 2000 on Valentines day.  So did they have a big flash wedding at some exotic location? Not exactly! They actually got married at the Hotel-Bel-Air  L.A. where they made an on the spot decision and called the concierge to say they wanted to get married. Fortunately there was a reverend in the hotel at a Rotary Club luncheon and he married them. In fact the question "Who was Meg Ryan married to?" would probably be a great question on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" as so few people would probably know the answer as they were rarely seen together in public. This couple who seemed to have the perfect marriage, until their divorce, managed to stay out of the limelight and remain relatively incognito - good for them! It also meant young Jack Henry could grow up without constantly being reported in the press as "Son of Meg". Meg has spoken of how she was unprepared for just how great motherhood could be and has also told of her unconditional love for Jack. Both Meg and Dennis tried to give Jack an upbringing like any other child in the States. It has been said that he had no nanny. no chauffeur and Meg and Dennis made an effort to drive him to school each morning. Whilst they have protected Jack from the celebrity spotlight it will have to remain to be seen if Jack follows their footsteps and becomes an actor himself after all with his mother and father and Megs parents both having been in the acting profession if I were a betting man I would say this outcome looks extremely likely. Meg has stated that she would like another child. However now she is the other side of 40 this looks increasingly unlikely. Meg was reported to be the house organizer ensuring that everything was just as it should be for her and her family. You can almost just imagine her arranging everything at their 200 acre ranch in Paradise Valley Montana. It has been said that Meg and her family used to spend  3-4 months of the year at the Montana Ranch where they had great fun with water-gun fights, hiking, fishing and just looking at the stars Meg loves Montana because she says it's the most beautiful place. With wide plains, huge mountains and not too many people. It's also a refreshing change from LA because people in Montana don't care how much your last movie made. Meg is also said to love skiing and that she can often be seen with many other A-List celebrities in Aspen, Colorado. One fact I do find utterly amazing about Meg Ryan is that she never ever reads anything about herself whether good or bad. No film reviews, no magazine interviews and no .... no Web sites either....... she has absolutely no idea what the printed public reaction is to her at any particular time. So sadly although thousands of you have read this Web site I guess that Meg will never be one of them and that I will never get a congratulatory email ........ however I live in hope. Meg on Meg So just what does Meg think of herself , her personal life and her acting career? Well for starters it has been reported that she is thoroughly aware that the two movies she starred in with Dennis Quaid, her former husband , after they married (Flesh and Bone and DOA) were not box office hits by any means. But like everything else she has shown no real concern about this. Besides the combination of Ryan and Quaid worked perfectly well in Innerspace. Whilst they were not married at the time Innerspace was made it may be just that the Innerspace type movie worked better for Meg and Dennis than the seriousness of movies like DOA and Flesh and Bone. As for the scatty comedy actress we have seen in so many movies Meg stated that off screen she is a much more serious organized person. Meg has also admitted that she is somewhat of a book addict. Like her character in "You've Got Mail" she likes nothing better than to put her nose in a good book and she has a wide knowledge of the writing of different authors. She is also reported to have a strong interest in poetry. Over recent years Meg has stated she has become tired  of the romantic comedies she has become so well known for doing. So we'll have to wait and see if there are any more "Sleepless in Seattle's" or "Addicted to Loves" because Meg seems to have a taste for the more serious side at the moment and it looks like more serious movies such as City Of Angels, Courage under Fire and In The Cut may be on the cards. Perhaps that means we have also seen the last of the Meg Ryan / Tom Hanks combination that we have come to get used to. She admits that both her and ex-husband Dennis both have an interest in the spiritual side of life and  they used to enjoy Yoga classes together. They also both have a profound love of India which they visited with Jack and Meg has said she would like to return one day. Meg said she would also have liked to have spent more time on her production company - Prufrock Pictures - staying behind the scenes more. However, in time Meg made completely the opposite decision and instead dedicated her movie skills to in front of camera roles only. Although she is not into "surfing the net" Meg does admit that she is addicted to e-mail and has stated that she once sent an email to the wrong person by mistake. Whatever was written must have sounded strange to the recipient because she got the reply "Don't ever send me any more messages!" Meg's Quotes On being famous  "There is no real upside to fame. There's money, but that doesn't necessarily come along with fame. People always say that they can get dinner reservations but, come on! I'm sure you could always figure out some other way to get dinner reservations." On being famous (2)  "Fame is fascinating and I have a really weird perspective on it because I've been able to distance myself. I don't read stuff about myself, but I know I'm famous and I do realise that my experience is different from my friends who aren't. It's not so much about people stopping you on the street, it's this projection that you wade through for the first 20 minutes with people you meet. It's a bizarre experience man.." On being followed by the paparazzi  "I took my son Jack to see The Italian Job in L.A. and when we got out of the parking lot there were three vans of people making U-urns and following us. Now I'd just got out of this car chase movie, so I was doin' some fancy drivin'! (laughs). Pinpoint turns and - you know what? All the evasive techniques I'd seen in the film." On ditching her production company Prufrock.  "I don't have that anymore. I'm not a very good executive. I didn't like that at all. There were several things that my company produced - I was in one of them. French Kiss, and it felt like I had a little more say in the decision making. But ultimately it's a director's medium. I like dealing with things that are gonna be ready in two months, not 5 years. I have no patience with it." On the situation in Iraq  "(Sighs) Well, I have a lot of opinions about it..... But when I speak out I want it to be in the most effective way, in the most effective environment at the most effective time. I don't wanna waste my voice, I don't wanna be used. Let's just say I'm a woman of peace." On filming Proof Of Life during which she left husband Dennis Quaid and started a relationship with co-star Russell Crowe  "When you're on location there are sometimes certain kinds of hardships and obstacles that a crew goes through that infuses the movie with a different kind of energy that would normally not be there." On Being A Mum "Becoming a mother gave me the confidence to move into other areas. I felt so capable as a mother, which is something I never thought I would do. I felt like, 'I can do this.' I like that Jack has a routine, which I never had. Now because I have one-because of him-I thrive on it." "Because it's so fundamental, what you're doing for another person. And you're able to do it even though it takes a lot. I wouldn't have thought of myself as a person who could guide anybody. And then it turned out that I can.  Not that I'm perfect. But it turns out I have answers to some of these questions. And if I don't, I can say, 'You know, I have that question too.'"  On Her Mother "It's a very long story. It's 32 years of stuff with this woman."  On Her former husband, Dennis Quaid "He's somebody who changes, and we both allow that in each other. I still don't know what's going to come out of his mouth next. He's just spent three weeks in India. He flies a jet, he's an amazing fly fisherman, he plays golf, and he plays music, and he's just an incredible person. He's the real thing. He's a real guy." "I loved him then and I love him now. We saw it through together (his addiction problem). He is an amazing actor and father. We are a great team." "Even if Dennis wasn't my husband I'd still say he has the greatest physique in the land." On Being Married "You've got to make it new all the time. I've found it much better if you suddenly get away from the routine. I'm not talking about romance or sex-I mean, all your life. We all get in a way of doing things, organizing our days, and working mothers do have to be organized-but you have to break out and be silly at times. Dennis and I can still do that, which is terrific. It means a lot to our being together. And the happier we are, the better off our son is. What brings people down is the same thing. It's dull and downbeat. There's always a place for change, and I needed it in my work and my life. "I don't know if you ever know who's the one for life. I think you just stay in the present. It's not like we're planning on divorce or anything like that, but I just don't think of it like, 'That's it, we're locked together forever in this chained chamber!'...I would be terrified of that."  On Love "I'm a sucker for romance. Movies are so good at romance. And romance is a great part of all our lives. Love-or else the Jack of love-is felt so deeply by all of us." On The Way She Looks "I think I'm kind of weird-looking. If I could change the way I look, I'd like to have longer legs, smaller feet, a smaller nose... But the one thing I wouldn't change is my hands. I think I've got very capable-looking hands." On her appearances with Tom Hanks "Every now and then, it just seems right" On Success "Dennis and I have a theory about success. It comes in waves. I don't think it will ever be a problem for us. After Jack was born, I'd think about how...I used to worry that I was off on the wrong tangent, that the road I should be on was over there. Now I look at myself, at my life, my marriage, our child, and I say with some disbelief: 'You're doing okay.'" On Dennis and young Jack going fishing "I thought that was just the greatest thing I'd ever seen. Two little sets of Levi's walking down the road with fishing rods. Oh, I just love 'em." The Changing Seasons "The autumn leaves in Connecticut, where I'm from originally, have to be seen to be believed. After they've dropped, the winter snow comes. When the long winter there is finally over and the spring eventually arrives you really appreciate it. Now I have to get away from LA for at least a couple of weeks during the winter months - I can't take the year-round sunshine." On Herself  "I don't have my head in the clouds. My head is screwed on straight. I'm not a sentimental person." On Journalists "I don't care, people can write whatever they want, say whatever they want, and I don't care." And To Sum Up "My family responsibilities don't conflict with my career. I like the fact that, finally, I have a home where I can stay," What others have said about Meg Russell Crowe  "Meg is a beautiful and courageous woman. I grieve the loss of her companionship, but I haven't lost her friendship." Answering the question "what was working with Meg like?" for Heat magazine after the release of Proof Of Life "Meg is a great actress - that was one of the big reasons for me to do the movie in the first place. It came to me with the information, whether it was true or not, that Meg would do the film if I would." ".... Meg's a great actress , period. I was a big fan of her dramatic work in Courage Under Fire and When A Man Loves A Woman and that to me was the attractive thing about it. It wasn't me getting to do something that she's known for, which is the romcom (romantic comedy). This was Meg being put in a situation as an actress that she had never actually been in. She was challenging herself in a big way." Norah Ephron "I keep coming back to this thing that is so important about her which is she has no vanity. The women that women love are women who don't walk around full of their own self-love. You absolutely know when you see Meg on screen that if you found yourself next to her, you might become friends. Whether or not that's true, that's something she conveys." Actress Rosie O'Donnell "She's the kind of woman who could be your friend and beautiful and you wouldn't feel like a piece of shit about it" Tom Hanks "She doesn't need validation. She has a very personal and quiet kind of confidence." "The real Meg is not pert or perky or soft", "Meg is not to be messed with - it's just that some people can't come to terms with that." Schuler Donner "She'd Hate me for saying this but she is so damn cute!!" Meg and the elephants Never has Meg's love for animals been more apparent than when she filmed the documentary "Going Wild With Meg" in Thailand in June 2001. Meg is quoted as saying "I've come to Thailand to fulfil an ambition I've had since I was a kid - to come face to face with my favourite animal, the elephant. But it was the idea of coming to Thailand to find a white elephant, one of the rarest animals on earth that intrigued me. There's something elusive, mysterious and romantic about them." In searching for this rare animal Meg spent 8 hours trekking on the back of an elephant through dense forest and up to the mountains and camping out under the stars. From what you have read elsewhere on this site you will probably be aware that this situation is something that Meg would absolutely adore. Producer Charlotte Cross couldn't praise Meg enough and is quoted as saying "She was easy going, willing, caring, amazingly intelligent and very down to earth." She also carried all her own gear and impressed the crew by doing yoga every morning ,despite the conditions, and true to form she kept everyone entertained with funny stories. Charlotte summed up Meg perfectly when she said "We were really sad when filming was over and we had to say goodbye. I've never worked with such a delightful person." Meg Ryan
Meg Ryan with her son, Jack, as a baby. Going Wild with Meg Meg Ryan showing her love of elephants Meg Ryan and the search for a white elephant